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Club Yoga

Club yoga is a combination of Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. It helps to improve flexibility, build strength and promote feelings of peace and tranquillity.

The main features of Club Yoga are controlled breathing, concentration and a carefully-designed series of stretches, movements and poses set to music. Classes have a well-defined structure. We always begin with simple, flowing Tai Chi movements that help you to leave the cares of the day behind, or provide you with a great start to your day. This is followed by Yoga and Pilates exercises. We always draw the lesson to a close with 10 minutes of meditation. The music and choreography used in Club Yoga change every 3 months. This means that for 3 months you will do exactly the same lesson, thus allowing you to really get to know the exercises and ‘grow’ during classes. The same programme is used in every location in the world where Club Yoga is taught.

ClubJoy Yoga

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ClubJoy Yoga® is a training in which you work on your body and mind. Fitness is much more than being physically strong, your mind also needs to be in condition. The origins of ClubJoy Yoga® can be found in the Far East where many people practice Yoga and Tai Chi. These ancient cultures live according to the concept of balance. How do you find the right balance between exercise and relaxation? ClubJoy Yoga® offers you a solution.

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