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Corporate Fitness

The University Sports Centre The Buzz is affiliated with the National Corporate Fitness Plan (Nationaal Bedrijfsfitness Plan). This unique ‘condition of employment’ offers staff of participating companies around 40% tax benefit on the cost of staying in shape!

Would you like to join the USC and make use of these benefits? Go to www.bedrijfsfitnessnederland.nl and sign up. Note that your company must be a member of the National Corporate Fitness Plan. Choose between a 6 month and 12 month membership, for the standard external rate. Your tax benefit reduction comes on top of that!

If your company doesn’t yet take part in the National Corporate Fitness Plan, go to www.bedrijfsfitnessnederland.nl and send a tip to your employer. Or get in touch with Bedrijfsfitness Nederland, the organisers of the National Corporate Fitness Plan.

Bedrijfsfitness Nederland

Postal Address 842, 8440 AV Heerenveen
Phone 0513 - 633 111
Fax 0513 - 636 050
Email info@bfnl.nl
Webpage www.bedrijfsfitnessnederland.nl


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