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Corona rules USC

All athletes, trainers and users of the USC must adhere to these rules. If these rules are broken, measures will be taken by the USC. Measures may consist of (temporary) denial of access to the USC facilities or removal from membership. Take in all these rules. The USC employees and trainers assume that you are aware of all rules.

Precautionary measure Coronavirus

If we follow these precautions together, everyone can exercise safely and responsibly at the USC and we can safely give you instructions/training. Together we stay safe and healthy.

• Upon entering the sports centre please use the disinfectant gel/soap
• Keep a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between you other members and our 
• Use your towel while exercising
• Physical contact is prohibited at all times
• You can only use USC facility’s within the time block reserved by you
• Keep sufficient distance from other members when entering and leaving the USC
• Clean and disinfect the equipment before starting the exercise and when you finish
• Payments are only possible via a debit card transaction
• Follow the instructions of our professionals at all times

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. USC personal are at location for questions and instructions about the hygiene rules.

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