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Student sport The Hague

Welcome to The Buzz

In Beehive, located opposite the Wijnhaven building, you can find our brand new sports facility, The Buzz.

The Buzz is equipped with the latest technology in the world of fitness: eGym. Combined with our functional- and cardio training equipment and group classes, we offer a complete fitness concept for students and employees of Leiden University.

The Buzz outdoor HIIT on Malieveld

The USC  started in The Hague with High Intensity Interval Training outside. The training is a "body weight" training that is given at the Malieveld. This means that you don't have to bring anything. Make sure you are wearing sports shoes that can get dirty and that you have a bottle of water with you. For the training we gather behind the coffee house next to the skate park. From there you walk to the training location with the trainer. You can leave your sports bag at the training location.

The training is offered according to the applicable Covid rules (2 people and 1.5 meters away) and are given by our trainer Zak.

Training hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday are:

12.00 hrs - 13.00 hrs ​

13.00 hrs ​- 14.00 hrs ​

17.00 hrs ​- 18.00 hrs ​

18.00 hrs ​- 19.00 hrs ​

You can register from 6 pm for the next day. This means that you can register on Sunday after 6 p.m. for the training on Monday, on Tuesday after 6 p.m. for the training on Wednesday, et cetera. Do not arrive earlier than 5 minutes in advance. You can register for 1 class per day.

Reservations for the activities can be made via the My USC Leiden Sports App or via DMS.

COVID-19 Measures

All sporters have to register for every group class or fitness activity beforehand, via the My USC Leiden Sports App (Android of iOS).

When arriving, everyone needs to check in via the USC Access Control App (iOS or Android) at the access gates. So make sure you have downloaded this (new) app before your arrival at the USC. This app replaces the finger scan and gives you access to the USC. Use this new app to scan a QR code on the access gates and you'll be allowed to enter if you have a membership or a booking.

On arrival, there is also a mandatory health check, where USC instructors will ask the mandatory questions on your health. Healthy? Then you are allowed to enter, at the earliest 10 minutes before the start of your class. Also, after your workout or class, you need to leave the room directly to avoid congestion in the corridors.

With the new measures, the changing rooms will be closed indefinitely at all our locations from October 14 at 10 p.m. Athletes can take any bags into the hall and / or fitness. The lockers in the corridor of the USC will remain available.

As of 7.00 hours on 15 October, it is compulsory for everyone in our buildings to wear a face mask. The basic rule is as follows: if you are standing or walking, you must wear a face mask, but if you are sitting you may remove it. More specifically this means the following:

The rule applies not only to all students and lecturers but also to all researchers and other members of staff who are in our buildings. It also applies to visitors.

In line with national measures, it is not necessary to wear a fase mask during sports.

More information can be found here:

Achieve more pay less

Membership of University Sports Centre The Buzz is great value for money. For just €11.05 per month you can enjoy our excellent brand-new facilities. The University Sports Centre The Hague is by far the cheapest sports centre for students in The Hague. Students of Leiden University pay far less at the Buzz than at a regular sport school.

The Buzz

Not only can you use the innovative gym at The Buzz, there is also an area for group classes.

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