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Yves van Damme


Dr. Y.A.A. van Damme


Mobility of Ideas and Transmission of Texts. Vernacular Literature in the Rhineland and the Low Countries (ca. 1300-1550)

  • Analysis and contextualization of the Dutch Dialogue of Eckhart and the Lay man within contemporary literature and as an example of reception of Eckhart in the fourteenth century

Pioneering letters. The scientific correspondence between Willem de Vreese and C.G.N de Vooys

In my newest project Pioneering letters I focus on the history of Medieval Dutch literature and language studies as a field of research. This project wants to show how at the beginning of the twentieth century Willem de Vreese (1969-1938) and C.G.N de Vooys (1873-1955), two of the leading Dutch language scholars of that time, took a remarkably modern approach towards the manuscriptual and codicological aspects of medieval literature.

My research wants to examine how their scientific work was prefiguring methodologies and ideas which usually are associated with the so called New or Material philology and überlieferungsgeschichtliche Forschung which revolutionized the philology and textual criticism during the last decades of the twentieth century. Can we speak of an ‘early philological turn’ within Dutch language studies at the beginning of the twentieth century? And if so, what was its influence on the international scientific scene?  To get an insight in this process, the extensive correspondence of Willem de Vreese (which contains more than ten thousand letters) is of invaluable importance. This project wants to offer a first step in opening up this archival collection for further research, by transcribing and editing the correspondence between De Vreese and C.G.N de Vooys.


  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Oude Nederlandse L&C


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