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Willemijn Meijer

Dr. W.M. Meijer
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Willemijn Meijer is a postdoc at the Centre for Child and Family Studies, Leiden University

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Short CV

Willemijn Meijer studied pharmacy in Groningen, where she obtained her Masters in 1999 and her PharmD in 2001. In 2006, she successfully defended her doctoral thesis ‘Drug safety in pregnancy: studying and communicating teratogenic risks’. This thesis was based on studies using the EUROCAT database (European surveillance of congenital anomalies), the IADB (Dutch prescription database) and the Birth Defects Data of the Slone Epidemiology Centre (Boston, US). Besides epidemiologic studies, her thesis held two studies on the implementation of an intervention in community pharmacies. Willemijn increased her knowledge in epidemiology and large databases working as a research manager at the PHARMO Institute for Drug Outcomes Research for four years. After a year as postdoc at Erasmus MC , Willemijn applied her scientific experience in developing  evidence based guidelines for pharmaceutical care provided by community pharmacists. Currently, Willemijn is involved in the project Father Trials.

Research by

Willemijn Meijer is currently involved in the project Father Trials with a focus on hormones as well as on data management.

Selected publications


  • Heringa M., Floor A., Meijer W.M., De Smet P.A., Bouvy M.L. (2015), Nature and management of duplicate medication alerts, J Am Med Inform Assoc. 22(4):831-7.

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  • Fokkema M.R., Meijer W.M., de Jong-van den Berg L.T.W. (2005), Benefits and concerns regarding folic-acid fortification. Ned Tijdschr Klin Chem Labgeneesk 30: 218-223

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  • Meijer W.M. (2004), Kan foliumzuur ter preventie van foetale neurale buisdefecten ook minder vaak, maar in hogere dosering worden toegediend? Vademecum Permanente Nascholing Huisartsen 22(41).

  • Meijer W. (2003), Zwangerschap en lactatie bewaken: een onderzoek. Pharmaceutisch Weekblad 2003;138 (11):381.

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