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Willem van den Brink

PhD candidate / guest

Dr. W.J. van den Brink
+31 71 527 4284

Willem van den Brink (M.Sc.) is a PhD student at the Division of Pharmacology.

More information about Willem van den Brink

Willem van den Brink graduated in 2013 from Leiden University with an MSc degree in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences. During his master, he did an internship at the division of Pharmacology studying the effects of design factors on clinical study outcome for Salmeterol. For another master internship which he did at the Dutch Medicines Evaluation Board, he investigated the GLP-receptor agonist induced carcinogenicity using a pharmacology-based approach. In September 2013 he started his PhD project on the integration of metabolomics and PK/PD modeling approaches in CNS drug development, particularly for preclinical studies. With that, he aims to develop methodology to obtain comprehensive understanding of drug effects and to improve prediction of drug effects in humans.



PhD candidate / guest

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