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Vera Janssen

PhD candidate / guest

V.A.E.C. Janssen MSc
+31 71 527 5602

My research focuses on electronic and structural properties of two-dimensional materials. Specifically my work covers transport in semi-conductor nanocrystal superlattices and structural phase-transitions in the family of layered Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMDs) such as MoTe2.

Some members of the TMD family show a structural phase transition when strained, doped or heated. This transition has a profound effect on the electronic properties of the 2D material: it will go from a semi-conductor to a metal. These two available phases could be used to fabricate superior contacts to the TMD, which is crucial for future electronic devices.

In my research I make very thin membranes of these materials and suspend them in a drum geometry. This drum I deform using electrostatic forces and I measure the deformation, together with the electronic and structural properties.
The main measurement tool for this research is the ESCHER Low Energy Electron Microscope (LEEM). This instrument gives access to a large catalogue a spectroscopic and structural experiments. The group has a strong profile in pushing the techniques further and developing new possibilities. I focus on the development of height-profile measurements in this system.

I work in a collaboration between the groups of Sense Jan van der Molen (Leiden) and Herre van der Zant (Kavli Nanolab at TUDelft). The complementary nature of the two institutes enables a strong combination of fabrication possibilities and cutting edge measurement instrumentation.

PhD candidate / guest

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Work address

Niels Bohrweg 2
2333 CA Leiden
Room number 704


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