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Thérèse Peeters

PhD Candidate

Dr. T.D.H.M. Peeters
+31 71 527 2727

Thérèse Peeters is a PhD student at the Institute for History.

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Fields of interest

  • Catholic Reformation
  • History of trust
  • Early modern Catholicism
  • Missionary correspondence
  • Vincentians and other religious orders


As a PhD student at Leiden University Institute for history, Thérèse Peeters currently works on a thesis on the role of trust in the Catholic Reformation. More specifically, she looks at the role of trust in the development of new and old religious orders within early modern Catholicism, through a case-study of the Congregation of the Mission and other orders and congregations active in Genoa (1625-1675). By focusing on three levels - the local, the institutional and that of internal relationships and communication - her project aims to shed light on an issue that is relevant to our understanding of the Catholic Reformation as a whole, and to a better explanation for its success.

Curriculum vitae

In 2012 Thérèse completed her BA in Italian language and culture and her BA in history at Leiden University. During her master Medieval and early modern European history at the same university, she specialized on missionary correspondence and the role of trust. She also collaborated at the project “Vincent de Paul, the Congregation of the Mission, and the Papacy: Documents from the Vatican Archives (1625-1670),” a  digital catalogue of archival sources and a digital edition of selected documents.

PhD Candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Institute for History
  • Vaderlandse Geschiedenis


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