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Stephanie Meirmans


Dr. S. Meirmans
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In my research, I study epistemic practices in ecology and evolution. Ultimately, I am interested in the question of scientific quality – how can we assess and promote scientific quality? In my view, these questions are pressing right now because it is no longer clear what types of research to fund and promote, and according to which criteria (witness the "Science in Transition" debate, or the setting up of a “Research Agenda” in the Netherlands). In my research, I address the epistemic practices in ecology and evolution by simultaneously paying close attention to the historical development of the field, actual research, as well as peer-review and funding practices. 

Curriculum vitae

In 2005, I completed a PhD at the University of Bergen focused on understanding and assessing explanatory pluralism concerning the evolution of sexual reproduction; the “Queen of problems in evolutionary biology”. Since then, I have continued to do transdisciplinary scholarly work on the intersection between biology, philosophy and gender studies.


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