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Stanimira Withers

PhD candidate

S.T. Withers
+31 71 527 2999

Curriculum vitae

I began to play the piano at the age of 7, in a small Bulgarian town on the Black Sea coast. In 1998, I graduated from the Theory, Composition and Conducting Department of the Bulgarian Academy of Music in Sofia. The following year, I was appointed Music Journalist (music editor and author) at the Classical Music department of the Bulgarian National Radio that is dedicated to education and culture. There I provided content and narrative material for a number of programs, conducted interviews with musicians and composers, and started my own broadcasting show, The Musicographer.

In 2002, I set off to Doha, Qatar, on a pianist contract. Upon its completion, I entered the field of education, teaching piano, voice, and music theory at the International Centre for Music in Doha.

In 2005, I left the Middle East, started a family, and then began a teaching career with the International Baccalaureate Curriculum. I have lived and worked in Germany, China, Tanzania, Jordan and, since 2012, in the Netherlands, where I work at the International School of Amsterdam.

In 2014, I obtained my Masters Degree from the Musicology Department of the Graduate School of Humanities, University of Amsterdam. My thesis is titled, A Possibilian Theory of Music: A Rhizomatic Approach to Music as Consciousness, supervised by Wim van der Meer.

In all life’s vicissitudes, The Piano – a loyal, grounding and wise presence – has accompanied me, providing comfort and home. It is also possible that it is I who has accompanied the piano all around, creating new homes for it and listening to its becoming-mature voice. Which of us makes the decisions?

PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Academie der Kunsten

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