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Shuang Qian

PhD candidate

S. Qian MA
+31 71 527 2031

Fields of interest

QIAN's academic research interests are: sinology (Chinese studies); theory of knowledge and epistemology in China and the West; nature science in traditional Chinese culture; Western classics; Sino-Western public administrative philosophy; comparison of Sino-Western theories of international relations and studies; intercultural translation, communication and exchange between Chinese culture and Western culture; ZHANG Dong-sun 张东荪 and modern and contemporary Chinese philosophy studies; Bìyán Lù (The Blue Cliff Record 碧岩录) and Chan Buddhism studies; Buddhist logic studies; comparative study between Chinese philosophy and Western philosophy and their cultures; history of Chinese philosophy; history of Western philosophy; intellectual history, etc.. Now he is focusing on the comparison of Chinese logic and Western logic, especially a comparison between logic in Mohist dialectics & the School of Names in the pre-Qin period and Aristotelian logic in Ancient Greek.  

PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Instituut voor Wijsbegeerte

Work address

P.J. Veth
Nonnensteeg 1-3
2311 VJ Leiden
Room number 2.03


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