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Sasan Haghighifard

PhD candidate

Drs. M. Haghighifard
+31 71 527 2727


The place of computational modeling in cognitive neuroscience and computational neuroscience

I take computational neuroscience as both theoretical neuroscience and computational biology. By theoretical neuroscience we can describe accounts of neural computation, information processing, representation and cognitive functions. By computational biology I mean the part of the field that is involved with simulation by computers to collect biological data, organize and analyze them. A well-known example of this sort of work is the recent Human Genome Project. On the one hand, a large number of cognitive scientists, cognitive psychologists, and many philosophers of cognitive science argue that our understanding of cognitive processes is irrelevant to understanding of how the brain functions. They suggest that the significant question of what cognitive architecture is, are not relevant to showing where things happen in the brain, or how they are implemented in the brain. I call them, for an ease of reference ‘radical computationalists’. On the other hand, many neuroscientists by using some types of reductionism or simply using biological data try to explain cognitive phenomena or cognitive functions. I call them ‘extreme reductionists’. I argue, by different strategies, that computational neuroscience by using computational models bridges the gap between computational level and implementation level. 


  • Canadian Philosophical Association
  • British Philosophical Association
  • OZSW formal member
  • Member of Analytic Philosophy Association

Lectures, talk, presentations

  • Delft University: Misappreciation between science and philosophy
  • Erasmus University: Mechanistic Explanation
  • Nijmechen University: Cognitive Neuroscience, ontic conception
  • Leiden University: In search of mechanism
  • Delft University: Einstein legacy, special relativity, time dilation

Publications and Translations

  • Pupul Jayakar, 91 Years of J. Krishnamurti (philosophical autobiography), Farsi translation, Tehran: Mohsen, 1996, 400 pp.
  • Anna McGrail, Miss Einstein (philosophical novel), Farsi translation, Tehran: Nazar, 1998, 250 pp.
  • Peter Conveney & Roger Highfield, The Arrow of Time (philosophy of physics), Farsi translation, Tehran: Mohsen, 1999, 185 pp.
  • Post Industrial World (post modernism philosophy, co-translator
  • Continental Philosophy, Farsi translation, not published yet
  • M.R. Haghighi, I said this Seyed is Different! (philosophy of politics)

PhD candidate

  • Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
  • Instituut voor Wijsbegeerte

No relevant ancillary activities

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