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Pieter Kalis

External PhD candidate

Mr. J.P. Kalis
+31 71 527 8838

Pieter has been working as a PhD candidate at the Center for Law and Digital Technologies (eLaw) since 2 February 2015.

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Pieter started the bachelor of Law programme in 2010 at Utrecht university, which he finished in 2013. He subsequently followed the master’s programme Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law at Leiden university. During this programme he specialized in ICT law, and privacy and security on the Internet. Pieter graduated in 2014 with a master’s thesis entitled on Foucault’s Panopticism in relation to surveillance, privacy, Big Data and consent in the Internet.

Since February 2015 he started working at our Center for Law and Digital Technologies (eLaw). He performs PhD research into network security in Telecommunications law, under supervision of professors Gera van Duijvenvoorde and Serge Gijrath. This research is funded by KPN in The Hague.


Titel research: Network security from the telecommunications law perspective

The central notion behind today’s telecommunications field is dealing with ever-increasing connectivity. Seeing as how effective modes of communication and free flow of information are essential for economic growth and innovation, it is imperative to keep these safe and secure from external and internal disruptions. At the same time, it is of great importance to not let security measures go against the openness of these networks.

The notions of security and openness are central to this research, and the aim is to develop a singular framework for both security and openness, as they are conceptually linked in the regulatory process regarding network and information security.

Furthermore, within this framework, a comprehensive overview of existing and future EU regulation concerning network and information security for all aspects concerning Electronic Communications Law will be presented, and in doing so, the main issues with the current regulatory framework will be identified, as well as with developing new regulation to be versatile, flexible and futureproof.

External PhD candidate

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