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Nobuaki Murai

PhD candidate

N. Murai
+31 71 527 2210

Nobuaki Murai doesn't have a desk at the university. Please send an email if you want to contact him. The above mentioned telephone number is the number of the secretariat.

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Fields of interest

Babylonia, the Kassite, aklu rations, ancient languages (Sumerian, Akkadian).

PhD research

Studies in the Aklu Documents of the Middle Babylonian Period (ca 1360-1155 BCE)
Supervisor: Wilfred van Soldt

The word aklu, which seems to be a kind of terms of ration, has been known since the beginning of 20th century. But its precise meaning remains to be determined. There seems to be some reasons for the delay. First, aklu is attested in only Nippur documents and Ur documents of the Kassite Dynasty. Therefore we cannot gain comparative material from other periods. Second, the contents of aklu documents are so simple that it is difficult for us to extract critical information from them. Third, it is difficult to identify one person with another person even if both persons have the same name, because unfortunately there are not detailed archaeological records of Nippur documents, which provide most of aklu documents.

However, recent studies (D. M. Matthews 1990, D. Deheselle 1996, M. Hölscher 1996, L. Sassmanshausen 2001) improve the conditions of study for aklu and contribute to more understanding of its meaning. I also would like to contribute to its development from the study of persons mentioned in the aklu documents.



2003 March    Doshisha university, Kyoto (graduation)
2003 April      Chuo university, master course, Tokyo (enrollment)
2006 March    Chuo university, master course, Tokyo (graduation)
2006 April      Chuo university, doctor course, Tokyo (enrollment)


2006 November
“The witnesses in a private archive of Ur under the Kassite Dynasty”, RONKYU 39, pp. 15-23. (in Japanese)

2008 February
“The brewers in a private archive of Ur under the Kassite Dynasty”, Bulletin of graduate studies 37, pp. 1-7. (in Japanese)

2009 February
“The AK-LU 4 in UET 7, 62, 68”, Bulletin of graduate studies 38, pp. 161-163. (in Japanese)

2009 March
“The ginû in UET 7, 41” Orient 51-2, pp. 76-91. (in Japanese)


2007 September
“The ginû in UET 7, 41”, presentation in the 49 th congress of The Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan. (in Osaka)

2009 November
“The AK-LU 4 in UET 7, 62, 68”, presentation in the 50 th congress of The Society for Near Eastern Studies in Japan. (poster presentation in Ibaragi)

PhD candidate

  • Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
  • Leiden Institute for Area Studies
  • SMES Assyriologie


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