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Nicolás Del Valle Orellana

PhD candidate

N.D. Del Valle Orellana
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The project “Materialism and criticism: origins of the critical theory in Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer (1925-1940)” is funded by the Diego Portales University, Chile. His Ph.D. thesis is co-supervised by Dr. Vanessa Lemm from University of New South Wales and Dr. Herman Siemens from Leiden University. Its first objective is to analyze the materialist critique of metaphysics in the critical theory of Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer. This study focuses in the early writings according to reconstruct the origins of the critical theory. The research addresses the concepts of metaphysics and materialism, society and history, alienation and emancipation, and the implications of philosophical materialism into the development of the social theory and political philosophy of both authors.

Curriculum vitae

Nicolás Del Valle is Ph.D. candidate at the Institute for Philosophy at Leiden University. He holds a B.A. in Political Science and Master in Contemporary Thought. As part of the master program he was a visiting scholar at Freie Universität of Berlin, Germany.

Prior to his arrival at Leiden, he served as visiting fellow in the School of Humanities and Languages of the University of New South Wales in Australia and Associate Professor in Political Sciences at Central University of Chile, where he taught and researched on Philosophy, Political Sciences, and Latin American Studies. Also he has been Coordinator of international conferences of global thinkers such as Gianni Vattimo, Ulrich Beck, Pekka Himanen, among others (Globalization and Democracy Series, Diego Portales University, Chair: Dr. Ernesto Ottone). From 2011-13, Del Valle directed the Centre for Political Analysis and Research in Chile. Nowadays, Del Valle is Guest Researcher at Ibero-American Institute in Berlin, Germany, and Director of the refereed journal Pléyade ISSN: 0718-655X / e-ISSN: 0719-3696.

Del Valle’s recent work focuses in critical theory on biopolitics, human rights, public sphere, and cultural transferences. His research has been funded by Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, Chilean Institute of Human Rights, National Commission for Science and Technology, and Chilean Council for the Culture and Arts.

Selected Publications


Del Valle, Nicolás. “ La Actualidad de la Crítica. Ensayos sobre la Escuela de Frankfurt”, Metales Pesados: Santiago Chile, 2015 (Edited Book), pp. 440. ISBN: 9789568415792


Politics of Memory and Human Rights in Chile: struggles for memorials in 21st century”, Leighton, Pablo & Lopez, Fernando eds. 40 years is nothing: History and memory of the 1973 coups d’etat in Chile and Uruguay, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle, United Kingdom, 2015. ISBN 978-1-4438-7642-1

“Public Sphere, democracy and the limits of liberalism” (in spanish), Figueroa, Maximiliano ed. Liberalismo Político. Problemas y desafíos contemporáneos, Universidad Adolfo Ibañez, Santiago de Chile, 2015, pp. 180-204. ISBN: 9789560101846

Between Power and Resistence. Following the trace of politics in Foucault” (in spanish), Revista Enfoques, Nº 17, 2012, pp. 147-168.

Marx, Nature and Critical Theory” (in spanish), Actuel Marx Intervenciones, Universidad de Chile, Nº 11, 2011, pp. 13-36

Biopolitics, ecology and instrumental reason: reflections on a Max Horkheimer y Michel Foucault” (in Spanish),  Pléyade, Nº 3, 2009, pp. 1-24

Book Reviews

Nietzsche and contemporary political thought. Vanessa Lemm” (in Spanish), Revista de Ciencia Política 33 (2), 2013, 565-567 http://dx.doi.org/10.4067/S0718-090X2013000200010

PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Instituut voor Wijsbegeerte


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