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Nick Ollivere

Senior Grant Advisor

Dr. N.J. Ollivere
+31 71 527 2664

Nick Ollivère is a Senior Grant Advisor at Luris, the Research and Innovation Service for the University. He is a contact person for the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs, and the Faculty of Social Sciences. He is in Leiden Monday-Thursday. Or if you work in The Hague you can meet up with him at the Wijnhaven building on Fridays. Nick has a PhD in Classics from the University of London (2009). He worked at Kingston University, the University of Oxford, and the University of Leicester before joining Leiden in 2017.

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Luris connects Leiden academics with the market and society at large, in order to make the most of their scientific knowledge.

The Research Development Team of expertise centre Luris provides succinct and targeted information and expertise on research funding and relevant (policy) developments to researchers at Leiden University.

Using different information media, trainings and personal advice, the team offers information on grant opportunities, knowledge on policy and political backgrounds, development of new funding instruments, evaluation of proposals, best practices in writing proposals and cross-cutting conditions (such as data management and ethics). In order to achieve this, the team works closely together with other departments to make other relevant expertise within Leiden University accessible.

The Research Development team:

  • Gives one-to-one advice on the match between the funding opportunity, the researcher’s profile and research ideas,
  • Organises workshops and trainings on the acquisition of research funding,
  • Reviews proposals and for complex (multistakeholder) projects, coaches researchers through the process of shaping the research proposal Informs researchers and support staff at Leiden University about research funding opportunities, application processes and developments
  • Gives strategic advice on funding strategies and related developments.

The team issues a regular newsletter and provides information via the Luris Internal Research Funding Portal.

For more information or questions, contact our Research Development team.

Senior Grant Advisor

  • Bestuursbureau
  • Strategie en Academische Zaken
  • Strategie en Academische Zaken

Work address

Langegracht 70
2312NV Leiden


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