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Nathan van Kleij


Dr. N.P.D.W. van Kleij MA
+31 71 527 2159

Nathan van Kleij is a medieval and urban historian. As per 2020-2021 he is appointed as lecturer in (medieval) history at the Institute for History in Leiden. In March 2021 he succesfully defended his PhD thesis Beyond the Façade: Town Halls, Publicity, and Urban Society in the Fifteenth-Century Low Countries at the University of Amsterdam.

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Fields of interest

  • Public buildings and spaces
  • Public sphere(s)
  • Crime, justice and punishment
  • Conflict and violence
  • Material culture
  • Architecture and art
  • Urban history
  • Urban culture
  • Social and cultural history of late medieval towns


In his research Nathan analyses the multifunctional use and multilayered meaning of late medieval town halls (and urban courtrooms spaces). It studies how members of urban society - dealing with matter, ideas and contest - co-created ideas and applications on publicity and seclusion inside these buildings, for instance with regard to political and legal events

Curriculum vitae

  • Teacher Education in History (BA) 2011
  • ReMA in history, University of Amsterdam (MA) 2015
  • PhD and lecturer in history, 2016 -


  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Institute for History
  • Middeleeuwse Geschiedenis

Work address

Johan Huizinga
Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden
Room number 1.72a


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