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Nadia van Pelt


Dr. N.T. van Pelt
+31 71 527 2790


I was awarded my PhD from the English Department at the University of Southampton in 2014. The title of my thesis was: Play-making on the Edge of Reality: Managing Spectator Risk in Early English Drama (supervisor: Prof. John J. McGavin, promotors: Prof. Greg Walker and Dr. Alice Hunt). I am preparing a monograph on late medieval and early modern drama, which is under contract with Routledge.

Curriculum Vitae

Since 2014: Lecturer, University of Leiden. Teaching for the English Department, International Studies and Leiden University College
Since 2014: Honorary Fellow, Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Culture, University of Southampton
2010 - 2013: PhD Candidate, University of Southampton (Viva voce on 7 January 2014)
2008 - 2010: MPhil Literature: Medieval to Early Modern Studies, University of Leiden
2009 (1 semester): Academic Exchange, Centre for Medieval Studies, University of Sydney
2005 - 2008: BA English Language and Culture, University of Leiden
2007 - 2008: Harting Scholarship, English, University of Southampton

Transition HBO-WO

In September 2016, I started the ECOLE-funded project ‘Leren Schrijven met Blended Learning’, which aims to use blended learning to enhance HBO students’ transition into the Premaster programme, that prepares for the MA English (Literary Studies or Linguistics).

Transition VWO-WO

2016: Designed and created Aansluitingsmodule VWO-WO for BA English Language and Culture: In bed with Henry VIII: Love, Treason and Conspiracy at the Tudor Court

2014: Educational project 'Teens and Tudors: Performing Heywood’s Play of the Weather (1533) in the classroom context'. The outcomes of this project have been published in: Pelt, N.T. van (2014), Teens and Tudors: the pedagogy of royal studies. Royal Studies Journal 1, pp. 37-50. 

Teaching activities

Currently teaching (2016/17)

  • AW: Henry VIII’s secret love-letters: Affairs of State in 16th Century England (LUC, BA year 1)
  • Controversial Drama: Sex, Politics and the Law in Popular Culture from 1500 to Today (BA Honours Course, year 2 and 3)
  • Reading and Writing in International Studies (BA year 1)
  • Language Acquisition 6: Academic Writing in Theory and Practice (BA year 3; Pre-Master)

Previously taught at Leiden

  • Introduction to Literary Studies (BA year 1)
  • English Literature, ca. 1550-1700 (BA year 1)
  • AW: Politics and Performance at the Tudor Court (LUC, BA year 1)
  • Reading and Writing in International Studies (BA year 1)
  • Eighteenth-century British Literature (BA year 2)
  • Nineteenth-century British Literature (BA year 2)
  • British and Irish Culture and Society (BA year 2)
  • Shakespeare’s Political Drama (BA year 3)
  • Contemporary Literatures in English (BA year 3)
  • Unattempted Yet in Prose or Rhyme: Paradise Lost in Context (MA) 
  • Vakdidactiek 2 (ICLON, MA)
  • Vakdidactisch Ontwerponderzoek (ICLON, MA)

At the University of Southampton I have been involved in the following courses

  • Medieval to Early Modern Drama (BA English, year 3)
  • Language, Text and Culture in the Early Middle Ages (Old English)(BA English, year 1)
  • Humanities Academic Skills (BA Humanities, year 1)


  • Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Oude Britse letterkunde

Work address

P.N. van Eyckhof 4
2311 BV Leiden
Room number 2.01a



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