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Mpanzu Bamenga

Policy Officer Diversity and Inclusivity

P. Bamenga
+31 71 527 6170

Mpanzu Bamenga  is born in Zaire. In 1994 he came to the Netherlands with his mother and brother as an asylum seeker. Thirteen years he resided in the Netherlands without status. Despite of this precarious situation, Bamenga always believed in a better future and seized all opportunities. He dreams of a just and inclusive society where everybody has an equal opportunity. A society where it doesn’t matter how you look like, what your believe is and who you love to be treated equally and to have a perspective.

Bamenga initiated several initiatives in the past years to promote Diversity and Inclusion as a jurist, activist and politician. He founded a movement that brings inclusive leaders together from all over the world and from different sectors: INCLEADERS, the Inclusion Leaders Network. He organises workshops, network meetings and guides young inclusive leaders. In the City Council of Eindhoven he initiated a comprehensive proposal on Diversity and Inclusion. He is a monthly guest expert on political topics at the live TV/radio programme Wakker! of the regional broadcast Omroep Brabant.

In 2016, Bamenga was elected as the political talent of the year in Eindhoven. He was invited to the United States (Washington DC, Salt Lake City, Seattle, New Orleans and Pittsburgh) for an exchange program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State: the International Visitor Leadership Program on the current U.S. social, political and economic issues for Young European Leaders. He was also invited as a speaker at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation event 2016 and the White House.

Bamenga also works as a jurist and coordinator at the Worldhouse in the Hague, a project of Stek, for city and church. He helps refugees and undocumented migrants by:

  • advising them
  • supporting them with their development
  • organising activities for them
  • advocating for their basic rights
  • providing them with legal, psychological, financial and medical aid

Policy Officer Diversity and Inclusivity

  • Bestuursbureau
  • Directie Strategie en Academische Zaken
  • Strategie en Academische Zaken

Work address

Oude UB
Rapenburg 70
2311 EZ Leiden


  • Stichting Regionale Omroep Brabant Lid Regionale Mediaraad
  • The Dutch Inclusion Leaders Network (INCLEADERS) Coordionator en medeoprichter, een netwerk- en talentstimuleringsprogramma voor inclusieve leiders
  • Den Haag Wereldhuis, project van Stek, Stichting voor Stad en Kerk Coordinator / Jurist den Haag wereldhuis
  • Gemeente Eindhoven Gemeenteraadslid D66 Eindhoven

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