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Mike Groen

Guest Researcher

Drs. W.J. Groen
+31 71 527 2727

Mike Groen is a forensic archaeologist employed by the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) since 2006. His past professional experience relates to field archaeology and physical anthropology. As a field archaeologist, he was involved in archaeological excavations in several Dutch municipalities in the western part of the Netherlands between 1994 and 2005. As a physical anthropologist, he was attached to the Leiden Medical University Centre (LUMC) between 2002 and 2012, and was involved in both the recovery and analysis of human remains from late medieval and postmedieval contexts. His research interest include forensic archaeology, scene of crime investigation, physical anthropology and human taphonomy.

Guest Researcher

  • Faculteit Archeologie
  • Archaeological Sciences
  • Bio-Archaeology

Work address

Van Steenis
Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden
Room number FLEX


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