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Marlein van Raalte


Dr. M. van Raalte
+31 71 527 2727

Fields of interest

Greek metre
Greek philosophical texts
Greek science



A digital (open access) edition of the sources and echoes of the Greek sofist Protagoras, with philological and interpretative commentary, and an English translation with annotations for a non-specialist public. Within the International Protagoras Network (2015) the Leiden team (including also dr Tazuko van Berkel and dr Adriaan Rademaker) cooperates with professor Noburu Notomi (Keio University/Tokyo University) and with dr Michele Corradi & professor Alonso Tordesillas (Université d’Aix-Marseille) in particular; on a more ad hoc-basis the project welcomes MA- and PhD-students contributing to the project.   

Curriculum Vitae

PhD in Classics at Leiden University 1986 (Dissertation on Greek Stichic Verse, part of the project that was rounded off with the publication of C.M.J. Sicking, Griechische Verslehre. Handbuch der Altertumswissenschaft, München (Beck) 1993).
Currently lecturer in Greek Language and Literature at Leiden University.

Teaching activities

Teaching includes courses on Plato (Apology, Gorgias, Symposium, Laws), Plutarch, Hesiod and Greek elegy, Ps.-Xenophon Athênaiôn politeia, Greek metre.


Rhythm and Metre. Towards a Systematic Description of Greek Stichic Verse. Assen (van Gorcum), 1986

“The Idea of the Cosmos as an Organic Whole in Theophrastus’ Metaphysics”, in W.W. Fortenbaugh & R.W. Sharples (eds.) Theophrastean Studies on Natural Science, Physics and Metaphysics, Ethics, Religion and Rhetoric, New Brunswick (Transaction, Rutgers University Studies in Classical Humanities 3) 1988, 189–215

“Greek Elegiac Verse Rhythm”, Glotta 66 (1988) 145­–78

Theophrastus Metaphysics. With an Introduction, Translation and Commentary. Leiden (Brill, Mnemosyne Suppl. 125) 1993

“God and the Nature of the World. The ‘Theological Excursus’ in Theophrastus’ Meteorology.” Mnemosyne IV.56 (2003) 306–42

“Socratic Parrhêsia and its Afterlife in Plato’s Laws”, in: I. Sluiter & R.M. Rosen (eds.), Free Speech in Classical Antiquity, Leiden (Brill) 2004, 279–312

“More philosophico: Political Virtue and Philosophy in Plutarch’s Lives.”, in: L. de Blois (e.a., eds.), The Statesman in Plutarch’s Greek and Roman Lives, Leiden (Brill) Vol. II, 2005 (= Proceedings of the International Plutarch Society), 75–112

“The Nature of Fire and Its Complications: Theophrastus' De Igne 1-10”, in BICS 53 (2010) 47-97

“Theophrastus on Differences: Sense-Perception and the Search for Causes”, in: A. Jaulin & D. Lefebvre (éd.), La Métaphysique de Théophraste: Principes et Aporie. Louvain-la-Neuve (Peeters) 2015, 89-121


  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Griekse T&C


No relevant ancillary activities

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