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Maaike de Vries

Information Manager

M.E. de Vries MA
+31 71 527 2727

Maaike de Vries is an education and research staff member at the Institute for Area Studies. Maaike de Vries doesn't have a desk at the university. Please send an email if you want to contact her. The above mentioned telephone number is the number of the secretariat.

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PhD research

'Cocaine Consumption in Colonial Korea'

As part of Professor James Mills Wellcome Trust Award Investigation ‘The Asian Cocaine Crisis: Pharmaceuticals, Consumers and Control in South & East Asia c1900-1945’, my individual research focuses on the consumption of intoxicants in colonial Korea (1910-1945). In particular, I explore the relation between gender, class, modernity, independence, global and local identity and the consumption of cocaine. By a combination of archival research and an analysis of visual and literary sources, I try to answer questions such as: who consumed intoxicants/cocaine? Why were intoxicants consumed? How and in what setting were intoxicants consumed? What role did class, gender, modernity, independence and colonial identities play in the consumption of intoxicants? How is ab/use of intoxicants represented in media, art and literature?

Supervisors: Dr. Saeyoung Park and Professor Dr. James Mills (Strathclyde University, Glasgow UK)


2016 - present, dual degree PhD candidate. PhD Korean Studies at Leiden University (the Netherlands) and PhD History at Strathclyde University (United Kingdom)
2014 - 2016, M.A. Asian Studies - specialisation Korean Studies (cum laude, Leiden University, the Netherlands)
2011 - 2014, B.A. Korean Studies (Leiden University, the Netherlands)
2008 - 2012, B.A. Japanese Studies (Leiden University, the Netherlands)

Study Abroad:
2013, Spring, Study abroad at Seoul National University (South Korea)
2015, Study abroad at Yonsei University (South Korea)


- Thesis:
- 2016, M.A. Thesis Asian Studies. ‘Production, Reproduction, Cultivation and Preservation; Representation of Gender Dynamics in North Korean Posters’. Supervisor Dr Koen De Ceuster
- 2014, B.A. Thesis Korean Studies.  ‘Kyŏngsŏng Scandal’s Women: Between Free Love and Patriarchal Nationalism’. Supervisor Dr Koen De Ceuster
- 2011, B.A. Thesis Japanese Studies. ‘Takano Aya and Shōjō: The Depiction of Shōjō and Kawaii Culture in the Art of Contemporary Artists’. Supervisor Prof.dr. Ivo Smits

Conference Activity/Participation:
2014, Panelist World Wide Consortium of Korea Studies 2014: ‘New Ideas, New Generations in Korean Studies’ (workshop), Harvard University, Boston, USA. 7 - 9 June. Presented my B.A. Thesis Korean Studies ‘Kyŏngsŏng Scandal’s Women: Between Free Love and Patriarchal Nationalism’.


2016, Wellcome Trust PhD Scholarship
2015, Sustainable Humanities Scholarship
2013, EU-ICI ECP Scholarship

Information Manager

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Work address

University Library
Witte Singel 26-27
2311 BG Leiden


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