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Ludo Juurlink

Assistant professor

Dr. L.B.F. Juurlink
+31 71 527 4221

Ludo Juurlink combines gas-surface reaction dynamics and surface science to learn how the structure of metallic catalysts affect reactions of small molecules. He focuses on molecules and metals involved in the closed materials cycles of our future energy system.

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Ludo was raised in Deurne, in the province Noord-Brabant in the south of the Netherlands. After finishing high-school in 1990, he went to Technical University Delft for a degree in Chemical Engineering, where he left after finishing his propadeuse in 1992. He moved to Tiburg for a teacher training in Chemistry at the Hogeschool Katholieke Leergangen Tilburg. He graduated there in 1995, having also spent 5 months working at New York University (New York, USA) in the research lab of Assis. Prof. Stacey F. Bent (now at Stanford University). While in New York, he got interested in continuing his education in the USA. He moved to the Boston area in August of 1995 for a Ph.D. program at Tufts University (Massachusetts, USA). He graduated with a Ph.D. in chemistry from the gas-surface dynamics group of Assoc. Prof. Arthur L. Utz in August 2000. 

He moved back to the Netherlands to start a post-doctoral position in the research group of Prof. dr. Aart W. Kleyn, now the group of Prof.dr. Marc Koper.

Curriculum Vitae

Personal information

Nationality:   Dutch
Date of birth:   1 March 1972


2000   PhD, Faculty of Chemistry, Tufts University, Medford, MA, USA, 30 August 2000.
Thesis title: ‘Eigenstate resolved measurements of methane dissociation on Ni(100)’
Advisor: Prof. Dr. A.L. Utz
1995   BSc in Chemical Education, Hogeschool Katholieke Leergangen, Tilburg, The Netherlands
1992   Propedeuse in Chemical Technology, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

Current and previous research positions

2005 - now     Assistant Professor, Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Leiden University, The Netherlands
2008 - 2013   Director of Leiden University’s Junior Science Lab (part time: 0.5 fte)
2002 - 2005   Researcher at Surfaces and Catalysis (in the group of Prof. A.W. Kleyn) and educational programme coordinator of Sustainable Molecular Science & Technology (Leiden/Delft), Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Leiden University, The Netherlands
2000 - 2002   Post-doctoral Researcher with Fundamenteel Onderzoek der Materie (FOM) at Surfaces
 and Catalysis
(group of Prof. A.W. Kleyn) Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Leiden University, The Netherlands

Grants, awards, recognitions since 2010

2016   STW Open Technology Programme met Prof. H. Zantvliet (Twente) (k€ 498)
2016   DUDOC Bèta with prof. van Driel (Leiden Education Department) (1 PhD student)
2016   Nominated for Teacher of the Year for MST at Leiden University Faculty of Science
2016   Nominated for Teacher of the Year for MST at TU Delft
2016   Leiden University CROHO grant (k€ 40)
2015   NWO-CW CatC1Chem Grant with I.M.N. Groot (k€ 267)
2015   HRSMC Fellowship Fund with Prof. W.J. Buma (University of Amsterdam) (k€ 3)
2015   Nominated for Leiden University’s Science Faculty teaching award
2014   NWO Kennis-Innovatie Mapping (KIEM) (k€ 19)
2014   FOM CO2 neutral fuels programme with dr. M. Gleeson (DIFFER) (k€ 760)
2013   NWO Kennis-Innovatie Mapping (KIEM) (k€ 19)
2012   Nominated for Leiden University’s teaching award
2011   NWO-CW TOP grant with M.T.M. Koper (k€ 780)
2010   Nominated for the national Dutch Academic Chemistry Teacher Award (KNCV Onderwijsprijs)

Contribution to teaching and supervision

  • Two undergraduate courses for BSc Molecular Science and Technology (Leiden/Delft): Introductory Chemistry (ongoing since 2006) and Physical Chemistry and Kinetics (from 2007-2015)
  • One undergraduate course for Leiden University College: Introductory Chemistry (since 2015)
  • Two courses for MSc Chemistry at Leiden University: Surface Science (since 2014) and Dynamics of Molecule-Surface Reactions (with prof. Kroes since 2015)

Supervision of 10 PhD students and 3 postdoctoral fellows since 2005. Current employment of graduated PhD students and postdocs: J. Shan, postdoctoral fellow at Tufts University (USA); I. Groot, (tenure track position at Leiden University; J. van der Niet, internet security advisor (UL Transaction Security); D. Bashlakov, researcher (Kharkov University, Ukraine); C. Hahn, Technical Specialist (Polysciences Europe GmbH); A. den Dunnen (Visser ‘t Hooft College, Leiden); C. Badan, postdoctoral fellow (Leiden University); Y. Liu, unknown; A. Uka, assistant professor (Epoka University, Albanië); A. Walsh, postdoctoral fellow (FOM DIFFER, Eindhoven, the Netherlands).

Other responsibilities since 2010

  • ŸBoard member of the Education Committee of the Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry (2011-2016)
  • ŸChairman (2015-2016) and member (2013-2015) of the Educational Committee of the BSc program Molecular Science and Technology (Leiden/Delft)
  • ŸChairman of the Examination Committee of the Honours Program of the Science Faculty (2014-2016)
  • ŸMember of the Examination Committee of the Honours Academy of Leiden University (2014-2016)
  • ŸMember of the Institutional Advisory Board of the Leiden Institute of Chemistry (2013-2015)
  • ŸExternal member to PhD committees for other universities in the Netherlands and Denmark
  • ŸReviewer for Nature Chemistry, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Angewandte Chemie, Journal of the American Chemical Society, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Surface Science, the Journal of Chemical Physics, the Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Publication record including five recent representative publications

Over 50 papers with  more than 800 citations, H-index 14 (Web of Science)

Full publication record: Leiden University

  • ŸSpronsen M.A. van, Weststrate K-J., Juurlink L.B.F., A Comparison of CO Oxidation by Hydroxyl and Atomic Oxygen from Water on Low-Coordinated Au Atoms. ACS Catalysis. 2016, 6, 7051–7058.
  • ŸJacobse L., Dunnen A. den, Juurlink L.B.F., The molecular dynamics of adsorption and dissociation of O2 on Pt(553), The Journal of Chemical Physics. 2015, 143, 014703
  • ŸGroot I.M.N., Kleyn A.W., Juurlink L.B.F., The Energy Dependence of the Ratio of Step and Terrace Reactivity for H2 Dissociation on Stepped Platinum. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2011, 50, 5174-5177.
  • ŸNiet M.J.T.C. van der, Dunnen A. den, Juurlink L.B.F., Koper M.T.M., Co-adsorption of O and H2O on Nanostructured Platinum Surfaces: Does OH Form at Steps? Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 2010, 49, 6572-6575.
  • ŸJuurlink L.B.F., Killelea D.R., Utz A.L., State-resolved probes of methane dissociation dynamics. Progress in Surface Science. 2009, 84, 69-134.

Presentations including five presentations at international conferences since 2010

Over 20 invited presentations at universities and invited lectures at international conferences, symposia and summer schools since 2010

  • ŸCurved Single Crystals as Tools to Study Structure Dependencies In Surface Science and Gas-Surface Reaction Dynamics, AVS International Symposium, November 6-11 2016, Nashville (TN) USA, invited lecture
  • ŸHow surface defects influence reactive scattering, iCOMET, October 11-15 2015, Chengdu, China, invited lecture
  • ŸCurved metal surfaces in studies of elementary steps and reaction mechanisms, Gordon Conference: Reactions at surfaces, February 9-13 2015, Ventura (CA) USA, invited lecture
  • ŸH2, O2 and H2O on nanostructured metal surfaces, Scattering of Atoms and Molecules from Surfaces (SAMS), November 4-8 2013, Potsdam, Germany, invited lecture
  • ŸUsing curved surfaces to study dynamics and catalysis at defects, Gordon Conference: Dynamics at surfaces, August 11-16 2013 Salve Regina (RI) USA

Assistant professor

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  • Leiden Institute of Chemistry
  • LIC/Catalysis & Surface Chemistry

Work address

Science Campus
Einsteinweg 55
2333 CC Leiden
Room number DE001



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