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Louise Verboeket

Guest researcher

Mr. L.W. Verboeket
+31 71 527 6444

Louise Verboeket is a guest researcher at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law at Leiden Law School.

More information about Louise Verboeket

Louise Verboeket (1993) studied law at Leiden University. In 2017 she graduated cum laude with an LL.M. in Constitutional and Administrative Law. Her thesis titled 'The public prize. A study of the allocation of public funds by way of competitions' was awarded the faculty Jongbloed thesis prize and the Leiden University Thesis Prize. During her studies she followed the Honours College Law-programme (35 ECTS) and worked as a student-assistant for the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law at Leiden Law School. In 2015 she studied a semester at the University of Connecticut School of Law in Hartford (CT, USA). Since 2017 Louise Verboeket works as a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Law of Maastricht University with the Department of Public Law. Her dissertation deals with public funding by way of prize-backed contests on a national and European level. Her research is supervised by prof. mr. J.E. (Jacobine) van den Brink, prof. mr. drs. W. (Willemien) den Ouden and mr. dr. S.L.T. (Sarah) Schoenmaekers.

Louise Verboeket teaches in both English and Dutch, e.g. the courses Introduction to Constitutional and Administrative Law, Comparative Administrative Law and Government and Private Law. In addition, she supervises theses on topics related to her research interests. Her research interests include general and financial administrative law, public procurement, subsidy law, state aid and comparative administrative law. She regularly provides workshops on these topics.



  • Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid
  • Instituut voor Publiekrecht
  • Staats- en Bestuursrecht

Work address

Kamerlingh Onnes Building
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden


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