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Liisi Adamson

PhD Candidate

L. Adamson
+31 70 800 9062

Liisi Adamson is a PhD candidate of The Hague Cyber Norms Programme.

More information about Liisi Adamson

Liisi Adamson is a PhD candidate of The Hague Cyber Norms Programme, which is part of the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University. In her research, Liisi is focusing on the development of international law and norms and the issue of fragmentation of the normative spectrum.

Before joining Leiden University, Liisi served from 2014 to 2016 as a research fellow at the Cyber Policy Institute, where she managed the Cyber Norms Platform’s 2016 Conference on State Practice and the Future of International Law in Cyberspace, organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia. Liisi Adamson is also advisor to the Estonian delegation to the UN Group of Governmental Experts on Information Security 2016-2017 session.  Liisi has studied law and she obtained her Master’s Degree at the University of Helsinki (2015) specializing in International and Comparative Law. Her thesis focused on the principle of non-intervention in the context of low-intensity cyber operations (magna cum laude approbatur). Liisi holds also a Master’s Degree in law (cum laude) from the University of Tartu (2016), where her thesis analysed the concept and exercises of sovereignty in cyberspace, as well as a Master’s Degree in Information Technology Law from the University of Tartu.


•             Liisi Adamson, ‘Sovereignty in Cyberspace: Organised Hypocrisy?’ (Master’s Thesis, University of Tartu, 2016).

•             Liisi Adamson, ‘Application of the Non-Intervention Principle to Low-Intensity Cyber Operations’ (Master’s Thesis, University of Helsinki, 2015).

•             Liisi Adamson, Kristjan Kikerpill, ‘Expectation to be Protected Against Malicious Uses of ICTs’ (paper presented at the Global Conference on CyberSpace 2015, The Hague, The Netherlands, April 16–17, 2015).


PhD Candidate

  • Faculty Governance and Global Affairs
  • Institute Security and Global Affairs

Work address

Wijnhaven Building
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP Den Haag


  • University of Tartu Guest lecturer in the IT law programme

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