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Liang-Yu Chen

PhD candidate

L.Y. Chen
+31 71 527 2171

Liang-Yu Chen doesn't have a desk at the university. Please send an email if you want to contact him. The above mentioned telephone number is the number of the secretariat.

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PhD research

Speaking Truth to Power under Semi-Authoritarianism: The Role of Policy Experts in  China's Climate Change Policy 

Supervisor: Frank Pieke 

My research attempts to examine how policy experts develop their influential role in China’s climate change policy through a bottom-up and actor-centered approach. By using document analysis, participant observation and in-depth interview, this study explores how the policy experts deliver their research results to the government officials and the public, and how the features are embedded in the semi-authoritarian context. The result of my study can provide a more complete picture of the role of knowledge-oriented policy actors in Chinese politics, and enrich the theoretical discussion of knowledge-power nexus from Western countries.




PhD Student in the Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University (NTU), enrolled in September, 2010.

Master of Arts in Political Science (Major in Public Administration & Public Policy), National Taiwan University (NTU), May, 2010. Thesis:  A Preliminary  Exploration of  Epistemic Communities in China’s Climate Governance. (Chinese)

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, National Chengchi University (NCCU), June, 2007. 


Organizer, Forums of PhD Students in the Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University (NTU), 2011-2012.

Editor in Chief,  Political Science Quarterly Book Review, No. 27 ~ 31 (September 2010 ~ September 2011). (ISSN: 2222-6788) 


Teaching Assistant for “Comparative Public Administration,” an undergraduate course of Prof. Yu-Ying Guo, Department of Political Science, National Taiwan University. Autumn, 2012.  
Teaching Assistant for “Public Policy: Scope and Method,” a postgraduate course of Prof. Yen-Wen Peng, Department of Public Policy and Management, Shih Hsin University. Autumn, 2010.



Government Scholarship for Students Studying Abroad: “Policy Planning and Evaluation,” Ministry of Education, Taiwan. 2012. 
National Science Council Research Project for Undergraduate Students: “Forward Mapping or Backward Mapping? A Study on Implementation Approach of Hybrid Electric Vehicles Policy in Taiwan,” National Science Council, Taiwan. July, 2006 ~ February 2007.



Journal Articles 

  • Chen, Liang-Yu. 2013. “Activity Review: The Dilemma of Political and Social Movements in Taiwan and the Opportunity of Deliberative Democracy: An Observation from a Social Activist.”  Political Science Quarterly Book Review, 37: 5-8. (Chinese) 
  • Chen, Liang-Yu. 2012. “Book Review: Deliberative Policy Analysis: Understanding Governance in the Network Society.”  Political Science Quarterly Book Review, 34: 14-18. (Chinese) 
  • Lin, Tze-Luen and Chen Liang-Yu. 2009. “Return to the Policy Science of Democracy: The Concept and Approach of Deliberative Policy Analysis.”  Taiwan Democracy Quarterly, 6(4): 1-47. (TSSCI) (Chinese) 
  • Chen, Liang-Yu. 2008. “Book Review: Public Opinion and Mass opinion.”  Political Science Quarterly Book Review, 20: 19-22. (Chinese) 

Conference Papers

  • Chen, Liang-Yu. 2012. “A Textual and Discourse Analysis of ‘China's Policies and Actions for Addressing Climate Change’(2008~2012).” Paper presented at  2012 Annual Meeting of Taiwanese Political Science Association. Taipei, Taiwan. 8-9 December, 2012. (Chinese) 
  • Guo, Chi-Hsien and Liang-Yu Chen. 2011. “The Concept, Development and Implications of ‘Green GDP’ in China.” Paper presented at  2011 Annual Meeting of  Taiwanese Political Science Association. Taipei, Taiwan. 10-12 November, 2011. (Chinese) 
  • Lin, Tze-Luen, Liang-Yu Chen, Jin-Yun Tu, and Ya-Wei Chou. 2011 “Vegetarian Against Climate Change?: Exploring the “Vegans save the earth” Discourses in Taiwan.” Paper presented at 6th International Conference in Interpretive Policy Analysis “Discursive Spaces. Politics, Practices and Power.” Cardiff, UK. 23-25 June, 2011. 
  • Lin, Tze-Luen, Liang-Yu Chen and Tang-Chun Tseng. 2010. “Between Global and Local Deliberations: Rethinking Environmental Citizenship from the case of "World Wide Views on Global Warming 2009".” Paper presented at  5th International Conference on Interpretive Policy Analysis “Discourse and Policy Practice: Politics- Legitimacy-Power.”Grenoble, France. 23-25 June, 2010.

PhD candidate

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