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Lan-Yi Yang

PhD candidate

L.Y. Yang
+31 71 527 2171

Lan-Yi Yangdoesn't have a desk at the university. Please send an email if you want to contact her. The above mentioned telephone number is the number of the secretariat.

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Fields of interest

Chinese literature, literary theories, literary criticism, the history of modern and contemporary Chinese literature.


PhD research

Chinese “Poetry of the Nineties”
Supervisor: Maghiel van Crevel

“Poetry of the Nineties” is a controversial term in the history of contemporary Chinese poetry. Various poetics have been proposed to clarify this concept. Thus, poets and critics with different standpoints locked horns in a turn-of-the-century polemic on poetry, from 1998 to 2000. Even though – or, precisely because - the debate did not lead to closure, Poetry of the Nineties has generated a large number of publications. More specifically, poets and critics’ reaffirmation and negation both indicate that Poetry of the Nineties has earned a place in the history of contemporary Chinese poetry. This project investigates the entanglement of the calendar-time era of the 1990s on the one hand, and the notion of Poetry of the Nineties, on the other. What is Chinese “Poetry of the Nineties”? How do its texts, contexts, and metatexts contribute to our understanding of contemporary Chinese poetry?



- Master of Arts in Chinese Literature, National Central University, Taiwan, 2009
- Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Languages and Literature, National Taipei University, Taiwan, 2006

Assistant of the Research Center for Chi Chun, National Central University, 2007-2008
- Assistant of Dream Lab Project of Literature and Art Section, National Central University Creative program, 2007
- Teaching assistant of Chinese punctuation for classical Chinese, National Central University Department of Chinese Literature, 2006-2007

Grants and awards
Poetic Research Scholarship for postgraduate, Journal of Taiwan Poetry for awarding outstanding poetic dissertations, 2009
- Glede award, National Taipei University for awarding outstanding graduate student, 2006
- Lung-Shan Temple Scholarship, 2003



Return to the Original Context: A Study of Bei-Dao’s Poetry. Taipei: Showwe Information, 2010.

“In the Mother Language: A Research on Bei-Dao’s Exile Poems (1993-1998),” Taiwan Poetry 14 (December 2009) pp. 217-253.

“Break and Rebuild the Meaning of “A Generation”: The Changes in Social Responsibility of Bei-Dao’s Poems (1979-1986),” Tamkang Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 39 (September 2009) pp. 1-28.

“Reconstruct the Order and Detail of the Time: A Research into Bei-Dao’s Early Poems (1970-1978),” Taiwan Poetry 12 (November 2008) pp. 61-91.

“Out of The Sky’s Edge: A Study of the Poems Written After Bei-Dao’s Exile,” Modern Chinese Literature 13 (July 2008) pp. 251-274.

PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Institute for Area Studies
  • SAS China
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