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Kennedy Kariuki

PhD candidate / self funded

K.K. Kariuki
+31 71 527 2727

Kennedy started as a PhD researcher at the department of Environmental Biology, CML in September, 2022.

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Professional experience

Kennedy received his postgraduate diploma in International Wildlife Conservation Practices from the University of Oxford in 2015 where for his final thesis he assessed the role of passive acoustic monitors as a law enforcement management tool in Afrotropical forests in Korup National Park, Cameroon. 
In 2018, Kenedy enrolled for a Master of Biology: Biodiversity Conservation and Restoration degree at the University of Antwerp whereby his thesis looked at the ecology and conservation of the African lion within the Meru Conservation Area, Kenya where he graduated in 2021.

Research topic

Kennedy participates in a collaborative project between CML, Leo Foundation and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), with a goal to understand the factors affecting lion ecology and conservation in the Meru Conservation Area (MCA), as well as the implications of translocating lions into the park as a human-lion conflict management tool, and ultimately inform sound governance and management efforts in the area and similar landscapes in the region.

PhD candidate / self funded

  • Science
  • Centrum voor Milieuwetenschappen Leiden
  • CML/Environmental Biology
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