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Karène Sanchez

Associate Professor

Dr. K.M.J. Sanchez
+31 71 527 2175

Karène Sanchez Summerer is Associate Professor at Leiden University, PI of the research project CrossRoads (project funded by The Netherlands National Research Agency NWO; 2018-2022). Her research considers the cultural identification and multilingualism of Arab communities in the Levant (1900-1960); the interactions between European linguistic and cultural policies and the Arab communities (1860- 1960 1948) in the Levant; Preachers in Arab communities in the Levant (1870-1970).

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Karène Sanchez Summerer is Associate Professor at Leiden University. She obtained her two PhDs from Leiden University and from EPHE (Paris Sorbonne).

She is the PI of the research project CrossRoads (VIDI project funded by The Netherlands National Research Agency NWO; 2017-2022). 


Her research considers the cultural identification and multilingualism of Arab communities in the Levant (1900-1960); the interactions between European linguistic and cultural policies and the Arab communities (1860-1960) in the Levant; Preachers in Arab communities in the Levant (1870-1970). Within her different projects, she collaborates closely with the French, British and German National Research agencies, as well as the agencies research groups based in Jerusalem, Beirut and Cairo.

She is the co-editor of the series Languages and Culture in History with W. Frijhoff, Amsterdam University Press. She is one of the coordinators of the MisSMO research program about Christian Missions and societies in the Middle East since the late 19th century (Jan. 2017- Dec. 2021).


PhDs and Postdocs supervision:

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Curriculum Vitae

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Research projects

- Dec. 2017- Dec. 2022: PI VIDI project, NWO (The Dutch Research Council), ‘European cultural diplomacy and Arab Christians in Palestine. A connected history during the formative years of the Middle East (1918-1948)’

2018-2022: NWO (The Dutch Research Council) Aspasia Grant

Invited Scholar at IREMAM (Institut de recherches et d’études sur les Mondes arabe et musulman), Aix/Marseille University,  ‘Preachers: Model, Mapping, Materiality (Levant/Middle East; Islam, Judaism, Christianity; 19th-21st centuries)’

2020-2022: CollEX-Persée (Digital Humanities), Archives CLIODIFLE 1919-1985 (consortium between the universities of Paris 3 Sorbonne, Kings’ College London, Tours, Rouen, Athens Capodistrian University, Leiden University, Università del Sacro Cuore Milan, University of Geneva SIHFLES and FIPF)

- 2018: PI Van Morsel  project, NWO (The Dutch Reseach Council), 'Between the Holy Land and the World. A connected history of Christian communities in the Near East via the unpublished photographic collections (1900-1948)'

- EFR Scholar in residence at the EFR (Ecole française de Rome); senior researcher fellowship April- July 2019

- Research Fellow/ Associate at the IFPO (Institut français du Proche Orient) Jerusalem/ Beyrouth (2018-2022)

- Jan. 2017- Dec 2021: Co-PI of the international project (in cooperation with EFR Rome, IFEA Istanbul, IFAO Cairo, IFPO Amman, FSCIRE Bologna) ‘Christian missions and societies in the Middle East: organizations, identities, heritagization (19th-20th centuries)’

- 2015-2018: PI of the NWO Internationalization project ‘Engaging Europe in the Arab World: European missionaries and humanitarianism in the Middle East (1850-1970)’ (in cooperation with IEG Mainz and IISMM Paris)

- 2012-2017: Co-PI of the NWO (The Dutch Research Council) project “Arabic and its alternatives. Religion and Language Change in the Formative Years of the Modern Middle East (1920-1950)”

- 2008-2011: Member of the CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) ANR (Agence Nationale pour la Recherche) International project ‘Archiver: les pratiques historiographiques dans le Moyen-Orient contemporain. Faiseurs d’histoire, faiseurs d’archives’ (LAU-IIAC, UMR 8177, CNRS-EHESS-Culture)

Latest Publications

Sanchez Summerer K. and Zananiri S. Eds. Imaging and Imagining Palestine- Photography and social history of Palestine during the British Mandate (1918-1948) (Brill OJ series, May 2021).

Sanchez Summerer and Zananiri S. Eds. European Cultural Diplomacy and Arab Christians in Palestine: Between Contention and Connection (Palgrave MacMillan, December 2020).

Sanchez, K. & Bourmaud P. (eds), Missions, Powers, Arabisation, special issue Social Sciences and Missions series, Brill, 32 (1-2), November 2019

Sanchez Summerer, K. & Okkenhaug, I. M. (eds), Christian Missions and Humanitarianism in The Middle East, 1850-1970: Ideologies, Rhetoric, and ‘Praxis’ (Brill LSIS series, 2020).

Murre-van den Berg H., Sanchez Summerer K., and Baarda T. (eds), Arabic and its alternatives: Religious minorities and their languages in the emerging nation states of the Middle East (1920-1950) (Brill, Christians and Jews in Muslim Societies, 2019).

Coming out soon

Sanchez Summerer, K., French in the Holy Land. Language, Diplomacy, Identity and French education in Palestine (1918-1948) (Amsterdam University Press, LCH series, 2022), ISBN: 9789463724920

Neveu, N., Sanchez Summerer, K., Turiano, A., Missions and Preaching: Comparing and de-compartmentalizing the study of the missionary phenomenon (Middle East – North Africa- 19th-20th centuries) (Brill, LSIS series, 2022).

Bourmaud, P., Gabry S., Levant M., Neveu N., Sanchez Summerer K., Reconstructing Babel’: Christian Missions and Knowledge Production in the Middle East, Nineteenth-Twentieth Century’, Contemporary Levant, vol. 6, issue 2, 2021.

Irving S., Nassif C. and Sanchez Summerer, K., ‘The House of the Priest’: a Palestinian life (1885-1954) (Brill, Christian and Jews in Muslim Societies, 2022).

Sanchez Summerer, K, ‘To ‘strengthen Mediterranean resistance’? Albert Antebi and the porous boundaries of cultural identification in Ottoman Jerusalem (1896-1919)’, in Sarah Irving, The Social and Cultural History of Palestine: Essays in Honour of Salim Tamari (Edinburgh University Press, 2022).

Girard, A. & Kontouma, V. & Sanchez Summerer, K. & Santus C., Middle Eastern Christianity and Catholic Europe, Connected Histories (16th-20th c.). Collected works from Bernard Heyberger (Edinburg University Press, 2022).

Associate Professor

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Univ Centre for Linguistics
  • LUCL Frans

Work address

Reuvensplaats 3-4
2311 BE Leiden
Room number 1.28


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