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Dr. J. Oddens
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My work is at the intersection of culture and politics in the history of the Netherlands during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, in a broader European context. My fields of expertise include cultural history, intellectual history, political culture, and the history of the age of Revolution.

I have mostly published on the revolutionary Batavian Republic (1795-1801). My doctoral thesis (Pioniers in Schaduwbeeld. Het eerste parlement van Nederland 1796-1798 (University of Amsterdam and Vantilt 2012) is concerned with the parliamentary culture of the Batavian legislative assemblies. After it was published I have continued to work on various cultural aspects of the Batavian Era: the philosophy of stoicism, the cult of sensibility, the art of portraiture. I have been co-editor of an edited volume on the wider politico-cultural sphere of the French Revolution (The Political Culture of the Sister Republics, 1794-1806. France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy, AUP 2015), a study on the institutional culture of the lower house of the Dutch parliament (In dit Huis. Twee eeuwen Tweede Kamer, Boom 2015), and a special issue on self-fashioning in the Dutch eighteenth century (De Achttiende Eeuw 2015).

In my current research project I study petitioning in the Netherlands between 1750 and 1850. My interests include ruptures and continuities in the practice of petitioning, the public debate on the right to petition, satirical comments on petitioning, petitions for jobs, petitions as catalysts of revolution, and expressions of place-identity in petitions to various levels of government. My project is part of the NWO Free Competition Program The Persistence of Civic Identities in the Netherlands, 1747-1848 (2015-2019).

I publish in English and in Dutch (see my Academia account). I serve on the editorial boards of the open access journal Early Modern Low Countries and the Jaarboek Parlementaire Geschiedenis. I review new books in cultural history for Geschiedenis Magazine.

Curriculum vitae

2015-2019 Postdoctoral researcher, Institute for History, Leiden University

2012-2015 Postdoctoral researcher, Centre for Parliamentary History, Radboud University Nijmegen

2012-2015 Managing editor, Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis

2015 Instructor in History, History Department, University of Groningen

2009-2015 Instructor in History, History Department, University of Amsterdam

2007-2012 Doctoral candidate, History Department, University of Amsterdam. Thesis: Pioniers in Schaduwbeeld. Het eerste parlement van Nederland 1796-1798

2005-2007 Research MA in History (cum laude), University of Amsterdam

2001-2005 BA in Dutch Language and Literature (cum laude), University of Amsterdam

2001-2005 BA in European Studies (cum laude), University of Amsterdam and Università degli studi di Firenze

Grants and awards

Amsterdam Institute for Culture and History Dissertation Award 2012

Dirk Jacob Veegensprijs 2016

Key publications

‘The Greatest Right of Them All: The Debate on the Right to Petition From the Dutch Republic to the Kingdom (c. 1750-1830)’, European History Quarterly, 47.4. (2017) 634–656.

‘Emotional Self-Fashioning in the Age of Revolution: Stoicism and Sensibility as Models of Emotional Conduct’, Selected Papers of the Consortium on the Revolutionary Era, forthcoming

(with Remieg Aerts, Carla van Baalen, Diederik Smit, and Henk te Velde, ed.) In dit Huis. Twee Eeuwen Tweede Kamer. Amsterdam: Boom, 2015.

(with Mart Rutjes and Erik Jacobs, ed.) The Political Culture of the Sister Republics, 1794-1806. France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Italy. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2015.

‘Martelaars van Staat. Bataafs stoïcisme en de politieke gevangenschap op Huis ten Bosch in 1798’, De Negentiende Eeuw 38.4 (2014) 294-314

Pioniers in schaduwbeeld. Het eerste parlement van Nederland 1796-1798. Nijmegen: Vantilt, 2012.

‘No Extended Sphere: The Batavian Understanding of the American Constitution and the Problem of Faction’, Early American Studies 10:2 (2012) 382-414

Een vorstelijk voorland. Gerard Hinlopen op reis naar Istanbul (1670-1671). Zutphen: Walburg Pers, 2009.


  • Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
  • Institute for History
  • Vaderlandse Geschiedenis

Work address

Johan Huizinga
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