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Jeanet Hulleman

PhD Candidate

J. Hulleman
+31 71 527 2179

Jeanet Hulleman is an external PhD candidate at Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society.

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La Bible des sept estaz du monde by Geufroi de Paris. A critical edition of the Conception Nostre Dame till the Passion du Christ.

Since April 2013, I am preparing the critical edition of Geufroi’s New Testament and the latter part of his Old Testament, contained in a thirteenth century manuscript, the BNF 1526. The story starts with the birth of the Holy Mary, surprisingly enough described in Geufroi’s Old Testament, the Conception Nostre Dame. His New Testament starts by the baptism of Jesus by his cousin Jean. This edition ends where Christ’s Passion begins, the Passion du Christ. Altogether it counts about 6000 verses.

My aim will be not only to provide a critical edition of the text, but to concentrate especially on the research of the sources of my fragment as well. The major issue will be to establish the relationship between the Bible and other Old French Bible adaptations. Moreover, I will illuminate the role of the Virgin Mary in this edition.

This research will contribute to our knowledge of the work of the Bible translators and of the reception of their works in the twelfth to the fourteenth centuries. 

By this edition I will fill the gap that exists between the beginning of the New Testament and the Passion des Jongleurs, edited by Amarri Perry. The thesis will throw light on Geufroi’s method in using Latin and French models, not only of strictly exegetical, but also of literary texts.

Curriculum vitae

Aside from the research project, I work as an independent translator and tutor French.

I have obtained a Master in French medieval literature, literary translation & phonology / morphology, and a Bachelor in French literature and linguistics.

PhD Candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Franse L&C

Work address

Van Wijkplaats
Van Wijkplaats 2
2311 BX Leiden
Room number 1.05c


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