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Jean Ndzana Ndzana

External PhD candidate

J.Y. Ndzana Ndzana
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Jean Yves Ndzana is an external PhD candidate at Leiden University, Institute of Security and Global Affairs. His research focuses on nuclear proliferation and counter-proliferation issues, with an emphasis on the role played by coercive diplomacy in leading (potential) proliferators toward nuclear reversal. Furthermore, Jean Yves Ndzana is also interested in global power shifts, great power politics and geopolitics, military strategies and contemporary warfare issues.

More information about Jean Ndzana Ndzana

Jean Yves Ndzana is an external PhD candidate at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs at Leiden University. Under the supervision of Prof. Rob de Wijk and Dr Mark Dechesne, his research project (title: Understanding coercive dynamics in non-proliferation issues. A structured-focused comparative analysis of Iran, Libya and South Africa.) investigates the condition under which coercive diplomacy can be a meaningful and successful counter-proliferation instrument. In light of three cases (Iran, Libya and South Africa), he assesses the effectiveness of the coercive strategies that the US government implemented to compel the aforementioned States to abandon their nuclear weapons programs. His goal is to explain and describe the advantages and limits of the coercive strategies used by the US, as well as the coercive mechanisms that explain the different outcomes of the nuclear crisis related to the previously cited States. 

Jean Yves Ndzana is an alumni of the European Academy of Diplomacy where he specialized in International Security. His focus then was on NATO deterrent strategies and nuclear disarmament movements. He completed his Master program in European and International Security at the European Institute (CIFE) where he wrote his thesis on “the role of third actors in the resolution of the Iranian nuclear crisis”. Jean Yves earned his Bachelor degree in Social Sciences and International Relation (Peace and Development) from the Protestant University of Central Africa. 

External PhD candidate

  • Faculty Governance and Global Affairs
  • Institute of Security and Global Affairs
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