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Jantiene Schoorl


Dr. J. Schoorl
+31 71 527 3809

Short CV

Jantiene Schoorl studied forensic criminology and clinical forensic psychology. The subjects of her master theses were neurobiological factors of aggressive and antisocial behaviour in delinquent adolescent males (CAPVUMC/Bascule), and the relationship between quality of life and the risk of recidivism of offenders in a forensic psychiatric outpatient facility (De Waag, Utrecht). 

Since 1 January, 2011 she has been affiliated to Leiden University as a PhD candidate at the PMTO project. Her research focuses on the neurobiology and cognition of aggressive and antisocial behaviour in boys with DBD, with a specific interest in self-regulation. 

CV J. Schoorl (2014)


My research focuses on the neurobiological and cognitive mechanisms involved in antisocial and aggressive behaviour in children (with a disruptive behaviour disorder), and in particular on the role of self-regulation. Self-regulation skills of interest include stress regulation (e.g., cortisol, heart rate and skin conductance), emotional decision making, language skills, and executive functioning such as planning, inhibition, sustained attention and working memory. Insight into the various causes of aggressive and antisocial behaviour may contribute to a better match between intervention and children’s individual profiles, and thus may contribute to more effective treatment results.


Certificate Psycho diagnostic assessment (BAPD) (2010)

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Work address

Pieter de la Court
Wassenaarseweg 52
2333 AK Leiden
Room number 4A11



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