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Janneke Vink

External PhD candidate

Mr. J. Vink
+31 71 527 7548

Since August 2013 Janneke Vink works as a researcher at the department of Jurisprudence.

More information about Janneke Vink

Janneke Vink (1990) received her LL.M. in Criminal Law & Procedure and in Jurisprudence and Philosophy of Law (cum laude) in 2013 at Leiden University.

She is now a PhD candidate at the department of Jurisprudence of Leiden Law School. Her dissertation is about animals in Liberal Democracies: Exploring the possibilities of animal protection in democracy and law. Her aim is to investigate if a constitutional democracy is realistically suitable for improving the current position of non-human animals.

External PhD candidate



  • Universiteit Leiden Gastdocent Minor Human Evolution
  • Minding Animals The Netherlands Mede-oprichter en bestuurslid (Founding board member)