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Hasti Tarekat Dipowijoyo

Pre-PhD candidate/guest

H.T. Dipowijoyo
+31 70 800 9589

Hasti Tarekat Dipowijoyo is a dual PhD candidate at Leiden University Dual PhD Centre. Working title: "Heritage Movement of Indonesia 1988-2018".

More information about Hasti Tarekat Dipowijoyo

Hasti received education in social geography and regional planning. Her researches was about role of mass media for social philanthropy activities and regulation of protected historical buildings. 

Hasti received fellowships from LEAD International (Leadership for Environment and Development), Salzburg Global Seminar (urban planning) and an award from UNESCO Asia Pacific Heritage Award for Merit in her role as project leader of refurbishment of a historical bridge in Medan, Indonesia.

She has been working in cultural heritage since 1990’s. First in Indonesia as secretary of Bandung Heritage Society. After that, she co-founded and led Sumatra Heritage Trust in Medan, North Sumatra, as Executive Director. Until now she still coordinates Pan-Sumatra Network for Heritage Conservation, a network for government, non-government and private institutions in Sumatra, an island of about 80 million population.

She moved to the Netherlands in 2005 and runs her own consulting firm, Heritage Hands On that specialized in capacity building and empowerment of cultural heritage movements especially in Indonesia and generally in other countries as well.

She is also Associate of iDiscover Asia based in Hong Kong that making maps and apps of historical areas in Asia.

Her current researches and projects are capacity building in the field of industrial heritage, museum development, village revitalization and world heritage nominations

Pre-PhD candidate/guest

  • Faculty Governance and Global Affairs
  • Dual PhD Centre

Work address

Schouwburgstraat 2
2511 VA The Hague



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