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Hanneke Smaling

Dr. H.J.A. Smaling

Short CV

Hanneke Smaling has a Master’s degree in Clinical neuropsychology and Organizational psychology. During her study she worked as a research assistant for Leiden University at the programme group of Clinical Neurodevelopmental Sciences. Hanneke has worked several years as a consultant. She did her PhD from 2011-2016 on the project ‘A good start: An early intervention to prevent antisocial behaviour in infants’ at Leiden University. Since September 2017 Hanneke works 1 day a week as a assistant professor at the programme group op Clinical Neurodevelopmental Sciences at Leiden University. She also works 4 days a week as a postdoc researcher at the VU medical center in Amsterdam.                 


Hanneke’s research focuses on the question what neurocognitive and neurobiological processes underlie the development of externalizing behaviour (in specific aggressive behaviour) in the first two years of life. She has a particular interest in the role of parental reflective functioning in children’s social development.


  • LOGO-registration for admittance to the training program for the statutory disciplinary system for health care psychologists in The Netherlands. 
  • Basic diagnostic registration from the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP)

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