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Drs. F. Sam-Sin
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Interested in everything with Manchu on it. More specifically: Manchu numismatics, literature, lexicography, paleography, epigraphy; Aisin and Qing history, (online) language pedagogy, Peking Mandarin.

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I am lecturer of Manchu language and culture at Leiden University, founder and project manager of Manc.hu, Buleku.org and QingMaps. Editor in chief of DEBTELIN. Research associate at the Research Centre for Material Culture. I was educated at Leiden University and in Peking (BLCU, Minzu University). I hold an MA in Sinology (2008; Leiden), and am currently writing my PhD thesis on where Manchu material culture meets text.

Current activities

(Spring 2014 - present) Teaching Manchu at all levels in the department of Chinese studies and Korea studies.

(Winter 2017 - present) Research associate at the Center for Material Culture, connected to Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden.

(Spring 2016 - present) Chief editor of DEBTELIN. Annual journal with essays on, and translation from Manchu literature.

(Summer 2014 - present) With Léon Rodenburg. Owner and curator of online Manchu research & learning platform www.Manc.hu.

(October 2017 - Present) Curator and Project management of Buleku.org. An online lexicopedia for Manchu Language and Culture, funded by Leiden University, Georgetown University Qatar, and the Manchu Foundation. In collaboration with Hebei Normal University for Nationalities.

(Summer 2017 - Present) Curator and Project management of DH initiative QingMaps.org. Within project of Mario Cams (Macau University). In this context Cams and I assembled the Kangxi Atlas for the exhibition Mapping Asia at Museum Volkenkunde.

(Spring 2017 - Present) With Hilde de Weerdt. Project management of the Manchu sources in project “CANAME”, developing the theme of digital Asia to investigate the processes of “mutual shaping” between Asian societies and digital technologies and the ways the digital enables new understandings of Asian languages, cultures and societies.


(Popular) Mantsjoes toen en nu in gedichten en gebeden. MF Publishing 2018.

(Scholarly) “Cartographic Accuracy and the Myth of Manchu Origins on the 1719 Overview Maps of the Imperial Territories” in Mapping Asia: Cartographic Encounters Between East and West. Heidelberg, Dordrecht, London, New York: Springer-Verlag 2019.

(Review Articles) “Reviewing Werner Burger’s Lifework: Ch’ing Cash”. In Journal of Oriental Numismatics 229. Translated and published as 清钱编年谱评介 in 中国钱币 2018(2), pp. 76-80.

(Scholarly) 北京话调查漫谈. In 王远新(编). 语言学田野调查. 2009. 北京:中央民族大学出版社, pp. 23-54.

(Literary journal) Ed. with Pieter van den Broek. DEBTELIN: Journal for Manchu in Translation. April 2016 - present. Debtelin 1 Onderweg (2016), Debtelin 2: Manchu Archery (February 2018)

(Translations) e.g.: “Archery Manual” with Juul Eijk and “Verses for Heroes” in DEBTELIN 2. "Ik soldaat" (beye i cooha bade yabuha babe ejehe bithe) in Debtelin, April 2016 | With Daniella van der Helm. Aola Changxing & Fumingga "Weerzien aan de grens" in Debtelin. April 2016 | “The Eating Crab jongenliedentekst” (Katuri jetere 子弟书) in Trage Vuur. December 2008.

(Textbooks) Co-author of Maghiel van Crevel (editor) Ans van Broekhuizen-De Rooij, Inez Kretzschmar and Fresco Sam-Sin  Chinees in tien verdiepingen: Mandarijn voor het Voortgezet Onderwijs [Chinese in Ten Storeys: High School Mandarin], Vols 1 and 2, Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press, 2008-2009.

Recent Activities

(28.06.2018) With the Manchu Foundation “TSEAD, JO en de MANTSJOES” in Theater Perdu. Evening on poetry, prayers and fonts.

(Spring 2016 - Winter 2018) Project management "Digi-taalkit" (2016-2019). Project within ECOLe, within DGW-Taskforce Languages. Implementing new languages and functionality within the framework of Manc.hu, with Léon Rodenburg. First additional language online: hittitetexts.com

(Winter 2015 - Summer 2017) Ambassador Blended Learning at ECOLe. Peer presentations on: collaborative online translation, online visualizations, collaborative planning, making knowledge clips etc.

(07.05.2015) Organiser “Leiden and the Manchus”. Symposium at UBL, East Asian Library, Leiden University. Speakers: Dr. Jo de Baerdemaeker, Peter Dekker, Fresco Sam-Sin.

(20.06.2015) With Helen Wang. Co-organiser “Manchu Money”. Symposium at British Museum.

Presented Papers

From clan to empire: the Manchu shaman’s changing toolkit. (16.06.2018) At French Association for Chinese Studies (AFEC) Chinese Objects and their Lives.

Coins as primary evidence: the European Manchu coins of 1866 (19.12.2017) At Ming-Qing conference of Academia Sinica.

Limits of Imperial Control: Visualizing Borders on a Kangxi-era Atlas (16.09.2017, Paper At Mapping Asia conference. With Mario Cams.

Context without Objects-The Role of Money in Manchu Rituals (26.08.2016) At EACS in St.Petersburg.

Aisin Rule Qingicized- The Case of Coins (26.08.2016) At EACS in St. Petersburg

Recent Invited Talks

Mantsjoes toen en nu in gedichten en gebeden (20.04.2018) For Stichting Perdu.

Looking for a place to bathe: missed opportunities of anchoring Manchu origins in Kangxi's Overview Maps of the Imperial Territories (13.11.2017). Invited lecture for the Manchu Foundation.

Van Wild tot Mak: metamorfoses in Manchu Sjamanisme (24.03.2017, invited lecture Filosofie & spiritualiteit, Leiden University)

Pivots in Early Manchu History (4.11.2016, invited lecture The Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)

Khans, Coins and Calques (03.06.2016, Invited Lecture at Coins, languages and cultures of the Steppes symposium, Ashmolean Museum)

Materialising Manchus (02.06.2016, Invited Lecture, SOAS history seminar)

Recent Grants

(2017) CCK Foundation Library Travel Grant 2017
(2017) The Nicholas Lowick Memorial Fund for the promotion of Oriental Numismatic Research


  • Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
  • Leiden Institute for Area Studies
  • SAS China

Work address

Matthias de Vrieshof
Matthias de Vrieshof 2
2311 BZ Leiden
Room number 2.01b


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