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Fayola Antonius

Teaching/Research Staff Member

F.A.S. Antonius
+31 71 527 7260

Since April 2018 Fayola Antonius has been working at Van Vollenhoven Institute as a research assistant for the NORDHOST project directed by professor Maartje van der Woude. Fayola Antonius is conducting various systematic literature reviews on the topics compassion, hospitality and solidarity in relation to migration and immigrants. She also explores the network of Dutch organizations that mediate between asylum seekers or immigrants and Dutch host families. As part of the NORDHOST project Fayola Antonius will be collaborating with Drs. Mirjam van Leer.

Additionaly Fayola contributes to the research project 'Combatting Human Trafficking and Human Smuggling in intra-Schengen Border Areas' by conducting a literature review on the topic compassion in relation to law enforcement and policing.  

Fayola Antonius holds a Master's degree in Crime and Law Enforcement (Dutch version of Criminal Justice Policy)  from Leiden University. She conducted research on the access to legal aid for incarcerated illegal immigrants and the role of the  Legal Aid Service in relation therein.

Teaching/Research Staff Member

  • Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid
  • Instituut voor Metajuridica
  • Van Vollenhoven Instituut

Work address

Kamerlingh Onnes Building
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden
Room number A1.57


  • Het CCV onderzoeksmedewerker (werkervaringsplek)
  • Zelfstandige het geven van zumba lessen

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