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Engin Yüksel

External PhD candidate / Guest

E. Yüksel MPhil, MSc
+31 71 527 1646

Engin is a PhD candidate at Leiden University Institute for History. His current research focuses on the historical roots of the Russian modern approaches to warfare and struggle. He specifically searches for the continuity and discontinuity of fundamental Soviet and Russian military concepts primarily over the twentieth century by making use of the methodology of conceptual history. PhD Supervision: Supervisor: Prof.dr.I.G.B.M. Duyvesteyn Co-supervisor: Dr.L. Milevski

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Fields of interest

  • Security Studies
  • Conflict
  • Russian military
  • Russian doctrine
  • European security
  • Strategy


My research aims to investigate the continuity and discontinuity of fundamental military concepts during the development of the Soviet and Russian approaches to both warfare and struggle. The research question is: to what extent is there continuity of fundamental military concepts among the late Imperial Russian, Soviet and Russian approaches to both warfare and struggle since the 1860s?

The research objectives are:

  1. To identify fundamental military concepts of the late Imperial Russian, Soviet and Russian military thought
  2. To trace the historical evolution of fundamental military concepts
  3. To understand their mutual interaction and integration in the late Imperial Russian, Soviet and Russian military thought
  4. To understand the relevance and significance of these concepts in Russia’s current approach to warfare and struggle.
  5. And thereby to fill the academic gap and to address the Western conceptual blindness regarding these four issues.

Teaching activities

Teaching assistant, Waging War: Cultural Approaches to War course, University of Leiden (2019)

Curriculum vitae

He earned his first MA degree in international relations at Middle East Technical University, where he focused on Turkey's role in European security structure. He obtained his second MA degree in Turkish Army War College, where he concentrated on the effectiveness of NATO operations in Balkans. 

Prior to carrying out a PhD, Engin worked as an intelligence analyst at NATO’s Operational Headquarter in the Netherlands. In this capacity, he helped create greater situational awareness of the crises along NATO’s Eastern border.

Engin speaks Turkish, English, Dutch and basic Russian.

External PhD candidate / Guest

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Institute for History
  • History and International Studies


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