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Else van Dijk

Coordinator of Studies

E.A. van Dijk MSc
+31 71 527 7322

As academic advisor I can provide you with information on the degree programme, study advice (BSA), study tips, study doubts or difficulties, or other matters concerning your studies. Everything you discuss with the academic advisor will remain confidential.


Students can contact me via email (stucolinguistics@hum.leidenuniv.nl or stuco-ba-engels@hum.leidenuniv.nl) or come by the office for a consultation. Everything you discuss with the coordinator of studies will remain confidential. 

In office


Consultation hours

Monday 14.00 – 15.00 hours
Tuesday 10.00 – 11.00 hours
Wednesday 10.00 – 11.00 hours

If you are unable to make it during these hours, please make an appointment.

Please note: the consultation hours between May 15 and June 12 are cancelled.


Make an appointment. Please write down your student number and what you would like to discuss. If you think you need more than 15 minutes, please book two consecutive appointments.

Coordinator of Studies

  • Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
  • Onderwijs- en Studentzaken
  • Studieadvies en -coordinatie

Work address

P.N. van Eyckhof 1
2311BV Leiden
Room number 0.02a


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