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Duc Nguyen


Dr. D.V. Nguyen
+31 71 527 6435

Duc Nguyen joined LIACS since October 2017 to work on the NWO project “Cross-industry platform for predictive maintenance optimization”. This project is a collaboration between LIACS, KLM and Honda. The project aims at developing a cross-industry predictive maintenance optimization platform, which address the real-world requirements for dynamic, scalable multiple-criteria maintenance scheduling. Although the system's capabilities will be demonstrated on application of aircraft engines (KLM) and passenger cars (Honda), it will be developed as a cross-industry platform for generic applications in predictive, multi-objective, dynamic maintenance scheduling.

More information about Duc Nguyen

Duc Nguyen obtained his PhD degrees in physics at the University of Amsterdam in 2012. Thereafter he worked for as a postdoctoral researcher at Wageningen University and Twente University and as a data scientist at The Netherlands Red Cross Society.

He has a wide background including physics, materials science, and data science. He has a number of strong publications that includes Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, Physical Review E, The Journal of Chemical Physics, Angewandte Chemie International, and Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter.


  • Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen
  • Leiden Inst. Advanced Computer Sciences

Work address

Niels Bohrweg 1
2333 CA Leiden
Room number 164



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