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Cesko Voeten


Dr. C.C. Voeten
+31 71 527 8071

Cesko Voeten is a lecturer at the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics.

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Fields of interest

I am primarily interested in phonetics and phonology (and the interface between them), particularly with respect to the vowel system of Dutch. I also like the applied side of phonetics and phonology, viz. psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics (sociophonetics). Finally, I have an interest in methodology and statistics, particularly in the math behind commonly-used statistical methods.


I investigate multiple on-going sound changes in present-day Dutch from a synchronic perspective. Using psycholinguistic methods, I aim to understand how speakers and listeners of present-day Dutch incorporate sound changes into their own speech and into their perception of speech by others. This should provide novel insight into the way sound changes are processed and learned by speakers and listeners and into the general cognitive and linguistic processes driving sound change. My project is supervised by Claartje Levelt and Yiya Chen.

Curriculum vitae

I received my BA in Linguistics from the Radboud University Nijmegen in 2013, and my MA in Language & Communication from the same university in 2015. During my BA, I interned with Sander van der Harst and Hans van de Velde at Utrecht University, where I segmented and acoustically analyzed natural-language data from the Dutch teacher corpus. During my MA, I taught the seminars for the Linguistics students in the B2 Van Klank tot Woord ('Introduction to Phonology') course at the Radboud University Nijmegen, and interned with Marc van Oostendorp at the Meertens Institute in Amsterdam as part of the NWO 'Taalportaal' project.


  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Univ Centre for Linguistics
  • LUCL Taalwetenschap

Work address

Reuvensplaats 3-4
2311 BE Leiden
Room number 0.59



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