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Bram van der Velden


Dr. A.J.L. van der Velden
+31 71 527 2668

I am working as a postdoctoral researcher as part of the NWO funded research project "Mediated Cicero". My research focuses on the role of the Late Antique Ciceronian commentary tradition as part of Ciceronian reception as a whole. In June 2017, I defended my Cambridge PhD thesis on "Ancient Approaches to Ambiguity in Literature".

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Fields of interest

  • Ancient literary criticism
  • Ancient commentary tradition
  • Ciceronian reception
  • Late antique Latin literature
  • History of classical scholarship

Curriculum Vitae

I did my BA (2007-2011) and research MA (2011-2013) at Leiden, spending an Erasmus semester in Freiburg during the former and two semesters as a Special Student at Harvard during the latter. I subsequently took my PhD at King’s College, Cambridge and graduated in 2017 with a thesis entitled ‘Ancient Approaches to Ambiguity in Literature’. I am now working as a postdoctoral researcher as part of the NWO funded research project ‘Mediated Cicero’.

Research interests and current projects

My research focuses on the role of the Late Antique reception of Cicero as a vital link of Ciceronian reception as a whole, with specific attention to the ancient commentary tradition. With Christoph Pieper I am currently editing a volume on the reception of the final years of Cicero’s life.  To this volume I am also contributing a chapter on the pseudo-Ciceronian Epistula ad Octavianum. Furthermore, I am working on an article on Ciceronian Echtheitskritik in the 18th and 19th century, and on reshaping some of the presentations below into articles. As a side project I am, together with Maya Feile Tomes (Cambridge), preparing a translation of the 18th-century epic poem De invento Novo Orbe inductoque illuc Christi sacrificio, written by the Spanish Jesuit José Manuel Peramás, for publication in a Neo-Latin texts series.

Selected presentations

 ‘The Latin Commentary Tradition on “Inclusive” Intended Ambiguity’, at the Trends in Classics Conference ‘Intended Ambiguity’ (Thessaloniki, May 2019)

‘Performing Cicero’s Voices’ (with Christoph Pieper and Leanne Jansen), at ‘Portraying Cicero’ (Rome, May 2019)

‘The Ancient Reception of Cicero's Inconsistency’, at the ISHR Benelux colloquium ‘Rhetoric and Morality’ (Nijmegen, December 2018)

‘Pseudo-Cicero’s Letter to Octavian in Late Antique perspective’, at the Celtic Conference in Classics (St Andrews, July 2018)

 ‘The Two Faces of Cicero in the Christian Commentary Tradition’, at the Annual Meeting of the Classical Association (Leicester, April 2018)

 ‘The Ancient Reception of Ciceronian Ambiguity’, at ‘Ambiguity in Antiquity’ (Tübingen, March 2018)

 ‘Rhetorical Pagan and Christian Exegesis’, at the Conference of the International Society for Late Antique Literary Studies (Salamanca, October 2017)

 ‘Late Antique “Proetics” in Ennodius’, at the Advanced Seminar in the Humanities (Venice, October 2016)

 ‘Multiple Interpretations in the Latin Commentary Tradition’, at the Biennial Conference of the Classical Association of South Africa (Potchefstroom, July 2015)

 ‘Aut re vera…: “Literal” Interpretations in Servius’, at the Annual Meeting of the Classical Association (Bristol, April 2015)

 ‘Multiple Explanations and Unresolved Ambiguity in Porphyrio’s commentary on Horace’, at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Classical Studies (New Orleans, January 2015)

Grants and awards

2013-2017: PhD awards from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, Cambridge Trust, Cambridge Classics Faculty and King’s College Cambridge

2013: LUF, Minerva and Robert Fruinfonds awards for an internship at the Thesaurus Linguae Latinae, Munich

2011: Huygens Scholarship Programme grant for two exchange semesters at Harvard

2009: Erasmus Mundus grant for an exchange semester at Freiburg


  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Centre for the Arts in Society
  • Latijnse T&C

Work address

Arsenaalstraat 1
2311 CT Leiden
Room number A0.42



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