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Astri Kusumawardhani


Dr. H. Kusumawardhani
+31 71 527 2727

I am a PhD student working on the solvent tolerance mechanism of bacteria. My project is focused on identification of gene(s) playing role in the solvent tolerance of bacteria and the application of solvent tolerant bacteria in industrial biotechnology.

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I studied my bachelor (2009-2013) in pharmaceutical science and technology at School of Pharmacy, Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) in Indonesia. During my internship and final project, I became interested in the field of biotechnology. This interest motivated me to continue on my master degree (2012-2014) in pharmaceutical biotechnology field at School of Pharmacy, ITB receiving scholarship grant for fast-track program from DIKTI Indonesia. After finishing my pharmacist professional degree (2014-2015), I started my PhD under Prof. J. H. de Winde and Dr. Rohola Hosseini on solvent tolerance mechanism in industrial strain of Pseudomonas receiving LPDP grant from Indonesian government.


Because of the rapid depletion of petroleum resources and the overpricing of petroleum based raw materials, such as petrochemical feedstocks, it is important to turn towards alternative sustainable and renewable feedstocks. Bacterial biocatalysis concede to the usage of renewable feedstocks, thus generating a sustainable alternative for high-value chemicals production. Solvent tolerant bacteria are important discoveries in biocatalysis and bioremediation fields as they are known to harbour the cluster of genes responsible in degrading toxic compounds along with their ability to withstand toxic organic compounds. Advances in the production of valuable compounds using solvent tolerant bacteria are also increasing. I am fascinated by the mechanisms that enable solvent tolerant bacteria to overcome the environmental stress caused by organic solvent. In my research project, I would like to study this mechanisms specifically in the industrial strain of Pseudomonas.


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Sylviusweg 72
2333 BE Leiden
Room number 4.4.16



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