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Anne Hendrikx

External PhD candidate

Mr.drs. A.M.M. Hendrikx
+31 71 527 8586

Anne Hendrikx is connected to the Institute for Private Law since 1 September 2013.

More information about Anne Hendrikx

Anne Hendrikx is a lecturer civil law (in particular property law and contract law) at the Institute for Private Law, Leiden University.  From the same University she obtained her master’s degree in law (LLM, 2013) and obtained her master’s degree in Business Studies, specialization in Marketing at the Amsterdam Business School at the University of Amsterdam (MSc, 2013). She became subsequently an external PhD candidate at Leiden Law School and professional support lawyer at Clifford Chance Amsterdam.


Anne Hendrikx is conducting a research about the methods and norms of contract interpretation. Which interpretive methods are judges applying? How to determine the appropriate method of contractual interpretation in each case? The research intends to identify the interpretive methods and norms that are important for contractual interpretation and includes a comparative study of Dutch, French and Anglo-American law.

Anne Hendrikx focuses on the following subjects: 

  • Civil law (in particular contract law and property law)
  • Civil procedure

External PhD candidate

  • Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid
  • Instituut voor Privaatrecht
  • Civiel recht

Work address

Kamerlingh Onnes Building
Steenschuur 25
2311 ES Leiden
Room number flex



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