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Anna Latour

PhD candidate

Dr. A.L.D. Latour
+31 71 527 4799

Anna is a PhD candidate at Leiden University, and a visiting researcher at Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium. Her promotor is prof. dr. Joost Kok and her co-promotor and supervisor is dr. Siegfried Nijssen. The focus of Anna's work is on identifying modelling and solving techniques from Constraint Programming (CP) that can be introduced into the realm of Probabilistic Programming (PP), and vice versa.

More information about Anna Latour

Both Constraint Programming (CP) and Probabilistic Programming (PP) are well-established sub fields of Artificial Intelligence. CP is a research area devoted to the development of generic constraint satisfaction and optimisation systems; PP studies generic probabilistic modelling an solving techniques.
Anna combines the techniques from these fields to develop new methods for solving Stochastic Constraint Optimisation Problems (SCOPs), which exist at the intersection of Constraint Programming and Probabilistic Programming.
SCOPs are found in fields like business, governance and science and thus have clear practical applications. However: what excites Anna most is solving the underlying abstract problems.
For more information, see her personal website.

PhD candidate

  • Science
  • Leiden Inst of Advanced Computer Science

Work address

Niels Bohrweg 1
2333 CA Leiden



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