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Albertine Bloemendal

University Lecturer

N.A. Bloemendal MA
+31 71 527 2159

Fields of interest

American history and politics, New Diplomatic History, media and politics, mass-media and international relations, (video)journalism, documentary film, informal diplomacy and elite-networks, transatlantic relations.


- Selling War in America: Government Propaganda and the Role of the Media (Institute for History).
- The United States and Western Europe in the American Century (Institute for History).
- Video Journalism (Leiden University College, The Hague). 
- Themacollege 1: Cold War America (Institute for History).
- Themacollege 2: U.S. Presidential Elections (Institute for History).
- General History of the Contemporary Period (Institute for History).
- BA International Studies Thesis Seminar North America (BAIS, Campus the Hague).
- MA Thesis Seminar North American Studies (Leiden, MA North American Studies).
- Why America Fights: Justifying Foreign Wars on the Home Front (BAIS, Campus The Hague).
- Reading the 20th Century: Major Themes in Global History (Leiden University College, The Hague).


Between Dinner Table and Formal Diplomacy: Ernst van der Beugel as a Trans-Atlantic Mediator. 

Albertine is currently doing research in New Diplomatic History focusing on the Dutch Atlanticist Ernst van der Beugel, transnational elite networks (in particular the Bilderberg Meetings) and Cold War European-American relations. 

Curriculum vitae

Albertine Bloemendal received both her BA (2006) and MA (2008) in American Studies cum laude from the Radboud University in Nijmegen. She also studied a semester as an exchange student at Boston College and did an internship at the Political Department of the Netherlands Embassy in Washington D.C. In 2009 she won the Theodore Roosevelt American History Award for her MA thesis “Abraham Kuyper’s Road to the White House: How Kuyperian Thought Came to Influence American Welfare Reform.” After working for several years as a journalist, which she continued after the start of her PhD research in the fall of 2009, Albertine began working as a lecturer at Leiden University in 2013.

Published Work


  • Bloemendal, A. (2014), “Between Dinner Table and Formal Diplomacy: Ernst van der Beugel as an Unofficial Diplomat for an Atlantic Community”,  New Global Studies, 8 (1): 103–119.  (‘refereed’ article in een tijdschrift)


  • Bloemendal, N.A. (2013) ‘Onder Barack Obama zal het bij dromen blijven’.  Trouw  
    (Contribution for newspaper or weekly magazine)
  • Bloemendal, N.A. (2013) ‘Obama, wees diplomaat in de kwestie-Poetin’.  Trouw  
    (Contribution for newspaper or weekly magazine)
  • Bloemendal, N.A. (2013) ‘Tweestrijd Republikeinen kan Obama maken of breken’.  Trouw
    (Contribution for newspaper or weekly magazine)
  • Bloemendal, N.A. (2012) ‘Democraten en Republikeinen leven in gescheiden werelden’. Trouw  
    (Contribution for newspaper or weekly magazine)

 Other Output

  • Bloemendal, N.A., 6 maart 2017, VPRO Bureau Buitenland, “Trump presenteert nieuw inreisverbod” (NPO1) [radio interview by Tessel Blok].
  • Bloemendal, N.A., 19 januari 2017, VPRO GeoBureau: “Mexico in het Vizier van Trump”  (NPO1)  [radio interview by Max van Weezel].
  • Bloemendal, N.A., 9 november 2016, Amerika Kiest (NPO1) [radio interview by Margriet van der Linde].
  • Bloemendal, N.A., 8 november 2016, Radio America: buitenlands beleid onder de nieuwe president (Sleutelstad FM) [radio interview by Sebastiaan v.d. Lubben].
  • Bloemendal, N.A. 27 oktober 2016, VPRO Bureau Buitenland: Werkt de Amerikaanse democratie nog wel? (NPO1) [radio interview by Chris Kijne].
  • Bloemendal, N.A., “Amerikanen eisen actie, maar niet te fanatiek”, Trouw, 5 augustus 2015 [interview by Sybilla Claus].
  • Bloemendal, N.A., “Kon Obama tippen aan King?”, Trouw, 30 augustus 2013 [interview by Iris Pronk].
  • N.A. Bloemendal, “Transatlantische Relatietherapie, BZ-blad, 12 september 2012 (p.40-43) [interview by Martin Hulst].
  • Bloemendal, N.A. “Kuyper in het Witte Huis”, Trouw, 25 maart 2009 [ interview by Lodewijk Dros].
  • Bloemendal, N.A. “Het Merk Kuyper in Noord-Amerika”, Reformatorisch Dagblad, 12 oktober 2009 [interview by Karel Smouter & Ludo Hekman].
  • Bloemendal, N.A, 20 September, 2007, Goede Morgen Nederland, “Wie is Barack Obama?” (NPO) [TV-interview by Mirella van Marcus]. 

Anciliary Activities

- Albertine is a board member of the Netherlands American Studies Association (NASA)
- 2013 and 2016 Quincy Club Lecturer at the John Adams Institute

University Lecturer

  • Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
  • Institute for History
  • Algemene Geschiedenis

Work address

Johan Huizinga Building
Doelensteeg 16
2311 VL Leiden
Room number 1.72a


PhD candidate

  • Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen
  • Institute for History
  • Geschiedenis diversen


No relevant ancillary activities