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Abdullah Alhatlani

PhD candidate

A. Alhatlani
+31 71 527 1991

Abdullah Alhatlani is a PhD student at the Institute for Area Studies.

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Fields of interest

  • Arabic Epigraphy
  • Islamic History
  • Arabic Studies 
  • Islamic Archaeology

PhD research

Trace the Historical figures on Arabian Rocks
A study of the Arabic inscriptions from the Ḥijāz and Ḥajj routes
1st -4th AH/7th -10th CE.

My research focuses on the epigraphy from the Arabian Peninsula in the early Islamic period. My current project consists of editing a corpus of Arabo-Islamic inscriptions from Saudi Arabia dated to 1st-4th AH/7th-10th CE. This corpus belongs to the descendants of four families whose ancestors were companions of the Prophet Muhammad. My research aims at identifying the historical figures whose names appear in the epigraphy from the peninsula. The goal of this study is to bring together two different corpora, namely the epigraphical evidence and the Muslims sources, to shed light on the traditions and their origins.
I focus on four main questions: (1) what inscriptions we have from the Arabian Peninsula about the Prophet companions and their descendant? (2) where these inscriptions located? (3) Do literary sources confirm with the names found in the inscriptions concerning the companions and their descendants? (4) What are the differences between the epigraphy and the sources and why are there discrepancies? With this research, I will cross-examine the relationship between the epigraphic evidence and the main Muslim genealogical works written in the classical period. Using epigraphical evidence to study the genealogies has been applied in a small number of studies relying mainly on material from the 3rd century AH/ 9th CE onwards.
Newly discovered inscriptions offer a number of personal names that have not been recorded elsewhere and are omitted by the genealogist. My research will hopefully show the value of Arabo-Islamic epigraphy as a source for the genealogies in the early period of Islam.

Supervisors: Prof. dr. P.M. Sijpesteijn and Dr. Robert Carter (University College Qatar)

PhD candidate

  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Leiden Institute for Area Studies

Work address

Matthias de Vrieshof
Matthias de Vrieshof 2
2311 BZ Leiden
Room number 2.06a


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