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Although there has been an increase in the research into brain function and dysfunction in relation to the impact of social factors, there are still many unanswered questions.

Questions such as:

  • What is the role of emotions in the social brain?
  • Is the need for affiliation reflected in the brain?
  • Which brain processes are associated with ethics and moral reasoning?
  • How does the brain distinguish between self and other?               
  • Is the brain a selfish brain?
  • How does the brain distinguish between people and objects?       

The LIBC Social Hotspot is a hub for researchers in the field of social neuroscience

That is social psychologists using neuroscience techniques and cognitive neuroscientists studying social psychological questions. But the hotspot is also of interest to researchers from other disciplines: Developmental psychologists focusing on social decision making and peer relations; cognitive psychologists interested in social cognition, and clinical psychologists examining for example social anxiety, or autism.

Researchers in this hotspot investigate topics such as interpersonal and group decision-making, social cognition, person perception, intergroup relations, and social emotions and affect. Please see our people page for more detailed descriptions of the research conducted within the LIBC-social hotspot.

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